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  1. kanye west
    Slavery and Saturday Night Live: Everything Kanye Talked About on TMZ“One of the things I’m going to do when I run [for president] is not give answers off the cuff. I’m gonna talk to experts.”
  2. kanye-isms
    Kanye Now Says He Never Said Slavery Was a Choice, It Just Sounds Like He Did“I feel like I’m in court having to justify a robbery that I didn’t actually commit.”
  3. ye
    Kim on Kanye’s Slavery Comment: ‘Did I Cry About it? Did I Fight About It? Yeah’“He might say things that might get misinterpreted and people don’t see the context behind it, but I always know his heart.”
  4. i'm so tired
    Kanye Just Crashed the TMZ Newsroom to Say Slavery Was a Choice“When you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. You was there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all.”
  5. time's up
    James Franco Is Practically ‘Inconsolable,’ According to TMZBoo-hoo.
  6. the harvey weinstein case
    What Is TMZ Doing to Rose McGowan?The actress accuses founder Harvey Levin of harassment.
  7. a hell of a story
    Kathy Griffin Retaliates Against Harvey Levin by Posting His Private NumberShe says Levin and Cohen “honestly live to take women down.”
  8. Why TMZ Won’t Stop Pushing Pro-Trump StoriesA new investigation reveals Trump’s cozy relationship with Harvey Levin.
  9. TMZ Reports Trump Will Actually Have Really Cool Inauguration PerformersBut organizers, worried about blowback for the artists, won’t name them.
  10. Johnny Depp Will Finally Pay Amber Heard’s Divorce SettlementSo will TMZ stop disparaging Heard?
  11. Here’s Why Amber Heard Hasn’t Given Her Divorce Settlement to CharityJohnny Depp might be threatening to renegotiate.
  12. objectified
    TMZ and Fox News Team Up for the Worst Trump Special ImaginableIt’s called OBJECTified.
  13. bad blood
    Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift VideoTurns out, Jared Leto technically does not own said video.
  14. men's rights movement
    TMZ Can’t Stop Defending Bad Celebrity MenIs TMZ the official tabloid of the men’s rights movement?
  15. richard simmons
    Richard Simmons Was Reportedly Hospitalized and Released This WeekendAccording to TMZ, the fitness icon was “exhibiting bizarre conduct.”
  16. lawsuits
    Jared Leto Sues TMZ Over Leaked Taylor Swift Critique VideoHe claims TMZ stole the video and has invaded his privacy.
  17. Jeremy Renner Crashed a Wedding for Free BoozeHe’s a real Hawkeye for alcohol.
  18. the sports section
    Ray Rice to Argue That Elevator Video Was Unfairly Edited, SomehowEven though the original footage also shows him knocking out his wife. 
  19. beach bodies
    TMZ and the Quest for Equality in Fat-ShamingSure, it would be nice if no one were fat-shamed. But if women are, why not Chris Brown?
  20. beef
    Orlando Bloom Took a Swing at Justin Bieber After They Fought About Their Exes“What’s up, bitch?” said Bieber to Bloom. You can’t make this stuff up.
  21. public pleas
    Louis C.K. Asks TMZ to Take Down Tracy Morgan Crash VideoAnd other celebrities are joining in.
  22. the most important people in the world
    Who Is V. Stiviano?She’s suddenly famous after starting the L.A. Clippers fiasco.
  23. Video Feed
    The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy Is Also a Master of the Paparazzi Blow-OffHe’s not feeling this TMZ reporter’s questions.
  24. terrible things
    TMZ Reveals Photos of U.S. Troops Burning Dead Bodies in IraqThe images from 2004 come out just after Fallujah fell again to insurgents.
  25. happy things
    WWE Wrestler Casually Comes Out During TMZ Airport InterviewNo big deal.
  26. summits
    Ben Affleck Gave Lindsay Lohan Advice, Not a JobTake what you can get, girl.
  27. the most important people in the world
    The TMZ New York City Bus Tour, By the NumbersIt’s here.
  28. gross
    Oh No, Justin Bieber Is Spitting at People NowJustin, no.
  29. blog-stained wretches
    TMZ Reports That TMZ Does Not Want Its Own DroneIn typical TMZ fashion.
  30. the parent trap
    Lindsay Lohan: I Lied About Dina’s Cocaine UseOn the call that her dad recorded and gave to TMZ. No winners here. 
  31. Legal Trouble
    Graham Elliot Settles Waiters’ LawsuitGraham Elliot settles suit.
  32. Larry David Seems Pretty OK with Paparazzi’s Dumb Rap Apparently, TMZ keeps the same standards for rapping as they do for journalism. Though, he did accurately foretell that Larry David was going […]
  33. larry david
    Watch Larry David Barely Tolerate a TMZ Reporter’s ‘Birthday Rap’ for HimHappy birthday, L.D.!
  34. former recluses
    TMZ Didn’t Recognize Terrence MalickThe tabloid accidentally caught the reclusive director out with Benicio del Toro.
  35. media
    TMZ Founder Jim Paratore Dead at 58As reported by none other than TMZ.
  36. TMZ Harasses Pete Holmes on the Street (For Some Reason?) Comedian/hell-of-a-guy Pete Holmes does the voice of the E*Trade baby. TMZ apparently thinks this is a thing the average TMZ on TV viewer […]
  37. Paparazzi
    TMZ Stalks Sofia Vergara at Beauty & EssexChris Santos was in heaven.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    TMZ Offers Look into Stars’ Sites of InfamySee where Brad Pitt used to dress like an El Pollo Loco chicken.
  39. Rumor Mill
    Did Adam Sandler Stiff a Massachusetts Restaurant?An Italian restaurant says the actor owes them for $2,500 worth of food.
  40. TMZ Breaks a Twenty-Year-Old Simpsons ‘Bombshell’What is it with The Simpsons and Internet stupidity? It never ends. In February, Twitter assigned Bart Simpson a birthday. The show has been […]
  41. Lawsuits
    Gloria Allred Joins Ousted Servers in Their Fight Against ResortsThe celebrity attorney has made a career of high profile cases that often involve allegations of sexual harassment and gender inequality.
  42. the greatest women we know
    Joan Rivers Tells Us How Talking About Sarah Palin Got Her Kicked Off Fox“I’m Jewish, I don’t want to get into starhairs.”
  43. clickables
    Imagine a World in Which TMZ Reporters Feel Shame“You’re being very brave, Jesse.”
  44. You Always Knew That Baby Tears Were a Source of Great Power The payoff for this video is worth it. It tells the story of a very intense-looking man on a very important mission, and he’ll stop at nothing […]
  45. tmz
    How Did TMZ Always Get Those Los Angeles Court Documents So Quickly?Oh, they had an employee working in the clerk’s office.
  46. clickables
    Watch Ashton Kutcher Pull a TMZ on TMZIn case you’d been missing ‘Punk’d.’
  47. Here’s What Conan’s New Set Looks LikeCurious as to what the new Conan set looks like but don’t want to wait another 7 hours? TMZ has a pic from the audience. Looks…talk showy.
  48. Always-Classy TMZ Tricks Charlyne Yi In Order to Trash OxfamTMZ is a scummy, scummy tabloid organization, but this goes beyond even what I thought they were capable of. Apparently, they approached […]
  49. clickables
    Humiliated Charlyne Yi Retaliates at TMZ With (Possibly Fake?) Short FilmEither way, ugh.
  50. Crime Scenes
    Valet Killed, Two People Wounded at Scandal-Plagued Guys and DollsThe club had been on an informal probation for serving underage drinkers, among other violations.
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