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  1. Quote of the Day
    Toby Young’s Authoritative VoiceTom Colicchio thinks Toby Young is more of a “scene” critic.
  2. Mediavore
    A Look at Nodding Head’s Bobbleheads; Bill Cosby Shills for Jell-OPlus: Eric Ripert’s new Top Chef role, and why chefs freak out, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Mediavore
    You Can’t Swap Your Baby for Beer; Bill Cosby Shills for Jell-OPlus: Eric Ripert’s new Top Chef role, and why chefs flip out, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. reality check
    Reality TV Much Worse for U.K. Politics Than U.S. PoliticsOr so says Toby Young, who maybe doesn’t know how our presidential debates work.
  5. Awards
    Toby Young Wonders About Best Boobs at Emmys; Boulud Dreams ofReports from last night’s awards.
  6. Top Chef
    Top Chef Season 6: Will Natalie Portman Make Up for the Lack of ChicagoBravo releases the list of celebrity judges for the latest season: Wolfgang Puck, Todd English, Daniel Boulud, Penn & Teller, Hubert Keller, and more.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Toby Young, the $1,093 Man, Gets Into Bike Bang-upThe person who paid $1,093 to dine with Toby Young isn’t going to have the prettiest date.
  8. Mindblowers
    Someone Is Going to Pay Over $500 for Dinner With Toby YoungPlus, a reader sends us a tip about the upcoming season.
  9. Top Chef
    Dinner With Toby Young: Proof That Top Chef Will Be in Vegas?The new season starts filming next month.
  10. Mediavore
    Toby Young to Stay on Top Chef; Arby’s Takes Gage & Tollner SpacePlus: Danny Meyer on his Gramercy Park Hotel plans and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Top Chef
    Cheftestants Now Free to Make Out All Over the PlaceStefan tongues lesbian, Hosea and Leah tongue each other.
  12. Top Chef
    Exploring the Top Chef Baldy ConspiracyAre Tom Colicchio and Toby Young biased toward their fellow chrome domes?
  13. Top Chef
    Top Chef Baldies Charm Our ‘Hot Half-Asian Chick’ Reporter atStefan says he wouldn’t move to New York for a million dollars.
  14. Top Chef
    Toby Young Thinks Adam Platt Is, Like, Totally Jealous of HimWe beg to differ.
  15. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Adam Platt Misses Gail, Sees a Horror Show AheadLast night’s episode: Ham-fisted product placements, insipid background music, and forced bon mots.
  16. Top Chef
    Top Chef Judge Toby Young Travels Back in Restaurant TimeThe new face on ‘Top Chef’ shares his favorite aging New York restaurants.
  17. Top Chef
    12 Days of ChristmasLast night’s episode was like getting coal in your stocking.
  18. Top Chef
    More From Tom and Padma: Guest Judges, Food As Foreplay, and Colicchio As SexMore ‘Top Chef’ talk from today’s conference call. Turns out most of the season was shot in Brooklyn!
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Did Toby Young Plagiarize Passages From the ‘Times’ For ‘How to Lose Friends & Alienate People’?We found a few passages from Young’s book that bear a striking resemblance to sections from a 1996 John Tierney column.
  20. party chat
    Tom Arnold & David Carr on How to Eat & Be ManlyAt a party for ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,’ the comedian and the media writer share with us how to do exactly that.
  21. ink-stained wretches
    Toby Young on the Difference Between New York and LondonIt involves blizzards. (Not the weather kind.)
  22. summering
    Ruth Vered Explains Why It’s Crucial to Serve Alcohol at Gallery OpeningsIf people didn’t get drunk, no one would ever buy art, darling. Plus, learn what Jay, Aretha, Katie Lee, Christie, and, well, everyone did in the Hamptons this past weekend — everyone except you, of course.
  23. gossipmonger
    Ivana Trump Defends Her Great, Semi-Absentee LovePlus, gossip about Graydon Carter, Chuck Schumer, and Sean Avery, in our daily column roundup.
  24. cultural capital
    Are the Friendships in ‘Sex and the City’ One Big Lie?’Sex and the City: The Movie’ premieres in … London? What’s wrong with this picture?