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  1. album review
    Tom Morello’s Atlas Underground Is Amusing but Often OverbearingA few less hands on deck would’ve done this album better.
  2. vulture lists
    Tom Morello: 12 Essential Post-Rage Against The Machine SongsDon’t forget about the time he played on basically an entire Bruce Springsteen record.
  3. Tom Morello Previews New Solo Album Featuring Big Boi, RZA and MoreHe’s already released two of the new tracks featuring Vic Mensa and Knife Party.
  4. music reunions
    Audioslave Will Reunite for a Set at Prophet of Rage’s Anti-Inaugural BallThe last time the band played together was over a decade ago.
  5. Tom Morello Defends Fidel Castro’s Legacy“While I don’t agree with all that Fidel Castro did there is ample reason why he is vilified in the US.”
  6. Rants
    Rage Against the Machine Is Now Just Raging Against a Neighborhood Café“Rock stars don’t get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn’t give less of a shit.”
  7. party chat
    Tom Morello Has Some Song Suggestions for ‘Jackass’ Paul Ryan“You could tell he was all jacked up on his P90X from listening to Rage Against the Machine.”
  8. rage against the racine
    Paul Ryan’s Favorite Band Would Rather Not BeRage Against the Machine? He is the machine!
  9. chat room
    Tom Morello on His New Comic Series, Occupy Wall Street, and Superman Renouncing His Citizenship“People were like, ‘Superman is as American as apple pie and baseball.’ But it doesn’t mean that the people who bake apple pie and play baseball can’t have a conscience as well.”
  10. clickables
    Watch Tom Morello Play ‘This Land Is Your Land’ for Occupy Wall StreetMore from Zuccotti Park.
  11. what's the matter with wisconsin?
    Rage Against the Machine Guitarist Takes Signature Rage to Wisconsin ProtestsThis is turning into a pretty good time.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Shakira Livens Up Michael’s; Twilight Stars Out by DayWhere the bold-face names ate and drank this week.
  13. gossipmonger
    Scotland Yard Is After Lindsay LohanGreat Scot! Also, Dakota Fanning goes goth, topless photos of Megan Fox get “leaked,” and more events infinitely stranger than anything the mind of man could invent, in our daily gossip roundup.
  14. gossipmonger
    Kiefer Sutherland Has Not Changed at All Since the EightiesThe ‘24’ actor got into a barroom brawl, just like back in the day. And more in our gossip roundup.
  15. the industry
    Corporate Shenanigans Force Out Will Arnett as Voice of KITTHe’s being replaced by … Val Kilmer?
  16. beef
    Rage Against the Machine Hate Bush. Finally!