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Tony Curtis

  1. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Fred Willard Takes Us Through His Career in the Most Delightfully Willardian WayHe’s got stories about the Christopher Guest movies, ‘Salem’s Lot,’ and mistakenly turning down ‘Airplane!’
  2. Tony Curtis Was Buried With His iPhone and Seven Packets of SplendaAmong other things.
  3. stage dive
    Stage Dive: The Night Tony Curtis Put the Moves On Me“Everything, Scott,” he told me, draping a pal-o-mine arm around my shoulders, “is flirting.”
  4. obits
    Actor Tony Curtis, Dead at 85The star of ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ appeared in more than 70 films.
  5. quote machine
    Don’t Forget About Sheryl Crow, Says Pat BenatarPlus: Jay-Z just wants to be Freddie Mercury.
  6. Brad Pitt Used to Be a StonerPlus, Steven Tyler fell off a stage, Posh Spice joins ‘American Idol,’ and more celebrity tidbits in our daily gossip roundup.
  7. Madonna and A-Rod Eat at Dos Caminos (But Deny It), Paterson and Bloomberg Eat in the BronxAlso, people are scared they’ll be kidnapped at Scary Spice’s marriage-vows renewal in Egypt. In today’s gossip roundup.