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  1. people's choice
    The Best Electric Toothbrushes on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews“It’s a real powerhouse-in-your-mouth.”
  2. the strategist
    The Tesla of Electric Toothbrushes Is $100 Right NowGood gift alert!
  3. recommended by experts
    The Best Teeth-Whitening Products, According to DentistsSo you can tend to your coffee stains at home.
  4. things we don't talk about
    The Best Bad-Breath Remedies, According to DentistsThat are more efficient than a stick of gum.
  5. recommended by experts
    If I’m Not Great About Flossing, Should I Get a Water Pick?Short answer: yes. I talked to six dentists about the best water flossers to get.
  6. deal of the day
    Our Favorite Self-Cleaning Electric Toothbrush Is $50 Cheaper Right Now“I’ve actually skipped a couple dental appointments (don’t judge).”
  7. fugly week
    The UFO-like Toothbrush That Keeps My Teeth Professionally CleanEver since I started using the self-sanitizing sonic toothbrush, my dentist has never been happier.
  8. lunchtime beauty
    This Electronic Whitening Toothbrush Is the Tesla of ToothbrushesAllegedly, Beyoncé has one too.