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48 New Albums to Listen to This Fall

Including releases from both Gallagher brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Tori Amos, Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, and more.

By Vulture Editors

The Five Faces of Tori

If you're not up on the latest Tori Amos developments, let us clue you in: She's apparently undergone some sort of schizophrenic break, creating no fewer than four alter egos for her new album. (They're named Santa, Pip, Isabel, and Clyde.) There was a release party for the album, American Girl Posse, at Times Square's truly horrid Spotlight Live last night, and Rebecca Ruiz was there for Vulture. She spoke to Amos, discussing the album, MILFs, and the other gals, though, sadly, she didn't get to talk to the others. It's waiting for you at Vulture. Tori Amos: Reclaiming the M-Word? [Vulture]