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  1. tourism
    Turns Out Visiting ‘Eco-Friendly’ Tulum Is Terrible for the EnvironmentProtected areas are being destroyed in favor of real-estate development.
  2. Fear and Roaming in Las VegasCrime-scene enthusiasts, tour guides, and regular Las Vegans float along the Strip, trying to process what happened in their city.
  3. What Foreign Tourists in New York Think of America NowVisiting the city has never felt so politically fraught.
  4. New York City Unveils New Tourism Campaign to Counter Trump EffectExpecting a drop in international tourists, city officials are trying to send a message that foreigners are still welcome.
  5. Trump May Make Visitors to U.S. Hand Over Their Social-Media Passwords“Extreme vetting” may require even short-term visitors from U.S. allies to hand over their phones, passwords, finances, and ideological views.
  6. Trump’s Immigration Policies Have Already Taken a Toll on the U.S. EconomyThe American tourism industry is still reeling from Trump’s travel ban.
  7. WATCH: This Elephant Sanctuary Is Trying to Save Elephants From HumansIt acts as a retirement home for overworked and injured elephants.
  8. tourism
    SeaWorld San Diego Abandons Its Classic Killer-Whale ShowAfter years of protest.
  9. shortages
    American Tourists Are Eating All of Cuba’s Already Scarce Food“There is generally a lot of chaos and disorder in the market.”
  10. harper lee
    Harper Lee’s Hometown Plans to Attract More To Kill a Mockingbird TourismReplicas of Scout’s and Boo Radley’s houses may be built in Monroeville, Alabama.
  11. normal NYC stuff
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gave This Couple the Ultimate NYC ExperienceAsk a New Yorker for directions, and ye shall receive. Usually.
  12. Almost All of Miami Beach Is Now a Zika Transmission ZoneThe affected area is essential to Miami-Dade County’s tourism industry.
  13. everyday sexism
    India’s Tourism Minister Tells Foreign Women Not to Wear Skirts“For their own safety, women foreign tourists should not wear short dresses and skirts … Indian culture is different from the western.”
  14. You’re Not Just Imagining It: There Are More Tourists in New York Than EverThe city had 58.3 million visitors last year.
  15. crackdowns
    Resort Town That Banned Mankinis Is Thriving Crime is down, tourism is up.
  16. look of the day
    Leonardo DiCaprio Is an Unremarkable TouristJust another guy with a selfie stick.
  17. tourism
    Fleet Week: Not As Rowdy As It Used to BeVisiting sailors are forgoing the Hustler Club to visit the American Girl Store.
  18. travel
    How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of MexicoIf Williamsburg is the frat house of Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.
  19. travel guides
    Book a Night in One of Tokyo’s ‘Crying Rooms’Let it all out!
  20. look of the day
    North West Is a Natural TouristAn enthusiastic young sightseer.
  21. Thailand Wants to Tag Tourists With I.D. BraceletsYes, let’s make them even easier to spot.
  22. India Wants to Replicate the Worst Part of New York in MumbaiYup, it’s Times Square.
  23. Times Square Characters Might Soon Need LicensesA City Council member has drafted a bill.
  24. NYPD Informs Tourists They Don’t Need to Tip Times Square CharactersPolice step up their campaign against overly aggressive Elmos.
  25. Two Double-Decker Buses Crashed in Times SquareTourists injured.
  26. Times Square Superhero Crackdown ContinuesThe Naked Black Cowboy and another Spider-Man were also busted.
  27. New York Tourist Boat Comes Across Sight That Customers Probably Can’t Un-SeeCops pulling a dead body out of the water.
  28. NYC Has More Tourists Than Ever, But They Aren’t Spending Enough MoneyAt least according to the city’s tourism chief.
  29. Mayor de Blasio Killed NYC’s 2024 Olympic Bid EarlyTourism and name recognition aren’t really an issue for us.
  30. early and awesome
    Obama Visits Cooperstown, Makes Baseball HistoryThe first president to visit the Hall of Fame while in office, ever.
  31. international intrigue
    What Crimea Looked Like Before Putin: PhotosMaybe Putin just wants the beach to himself?
  32. The Statue of Liberty Will Reopen Tomorrow No thanks to the federal government.
  33. Video: Statue of Liberty Shutdown Is Making Tourists Angry, DespondentGive me your tired, your poor, your pissed-off masses …
  34. New York Wants to Help You Plan Your Next LGBT Vacation With a new website.
  35. Don’t Plan on Visiting Ellis Island Anytime SoonRepairing the damage from Hurricane Sandy will take all year.
  36. Statue of Liberty Ready to Party on July 4The big, green Hurricane Sandy victim is coming back.
  37. NYPD, Feds Can’t Agree on How to Screen Huddled MassesSo for the time being, the Statue of Liberty will remain closed.
  38. But Seriously, There Really Are More Tourists in New York CityAnd it’s not gonna stop.
  39. Lady Liberty Interior Back Open for Business Next MonthIt reopens on October 28.
  40. Good Ideas
    Flushing Is Ready for Its Close-upThe Flushing Business Improvement District has a food destination on its hands.
  41. Every Ninth Dollar Spent in NYC Is Spent in Times SquareYou avoid, tourists spend.
  42. New York Set City Record With 50.5 Million Tourists Last YearWas it the weather, or something else?
  43. Tourist Arrested for Imaginary Crime Even Though He’s WhiteWelcome to New York City!
  44. Mayor Bloomberg Hijacks Couple’s Wedding DayTo use them as props in a press conference.
  45. People Visiting the Statue of Liberty Are Frequently ArmedTourists!
  46. Statue of Liberty Closing for RenovationBut just for a year.
  47. Mediavore
    Boston Tourism Numbers on the Rise; Men With Baby Fever Should Eat MangoesPlus Diddy gets sued and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  48. Tahrir Square Is Already Becoming a Tourist DestinationForget the pyramids.
  49. Tourists Suddenly Flocking to the South Pole“It is a place that wants you dead.”
  50. Hopefully Record Number of Tourists Left New York Before It Became Garbage Town, USASo many tourists.
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