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Now Bloomberg Wants Us to Be Nice to Tourists

If you're keeping track at home, not only do city officials want us to not smoke, not eat trans fat, not say the N-word or potentially the B-word, and not look out our windows and into our neighbor's, it also wants us to — this is so hideous we can barely even say it — be nice to tourists. According to today's Sun, the city has launched an international marketing campaign called "Just Ask the Locals." Even worse, apparently Bloomberg wants to get 50 million tourists to the city each year by 2015. Can you imagine: 50 million midwesterners and Germans, all asking us about things? With their fanny packs? And their slow walking? And their enormous bags from American Girl Place? The horror is almost too much to comprehend. But at least there's this: We're so happy the office just moved from midtown. 'Just Ask the Locals,' City Is Telling Tourists [NYS]


Redmond, Washington, Is Totally Edgy

You can argue all you want about whether Giuliani saved the city or destroyed it, whether Bloomberg is trying to protect it for the future or make it a playground for the rich, whether it's really right to be nostalgic for a time when crime rates were astronomical and infrastructure was decaying. But as Gotham Gazette's indispensable Eye Opener points out this morning, today's New York has just been called dull by MSN. That stings. The 'New' New York [MSN via Gotham Gazette]


Come to New York, the World's Greatest Cheap Date

It may be hard for us locals to believe, but the global image of New York is still, apparently, that of crime and grime: streetwise swindlers, filthy sidewalks, and brusque passersby. Enter George Fertitta, the man Bloomberg has picked to mount an NYC ad campaign the likes of which the world hasn't seen (unless one counts every Hollywood romantic comedy of the last twenty years). Fertitta is a logical choice for the mayor who famously called his city "a luxury product." As a co-founder of Margeotes Fertitta & Weiss, he's previously been peddling Godiva, Remy Martin, and Orrefors crystal. Bloomberg has set a goal 50 million visitors a year by 2015 — six million more than now — a bar Fertitta finds almost dispiritingly low, "a layup," he says. So how will NYC & Company, the city's self-promotional arm, with a $45 million budget, lure Europeans to New York on Fertitta's watch?


PETA to Protest Florida Vacations

How do you say "It's on!" in Animal Kingdom–speak? As New York reported in this week's magazine, animal-rights activists were considering a protest of the Orlando, Florida, tourism bureau's plans to stage a "mini-Orlando" in Times Square tomorrow morning. Why? The stunt is set to include penguins, flamingos, and live gator-wrestling, and PETA doesn't think too highly of moving tropical animals to frigid New York — let alone wrestling them. Now it seems the activists weren't kidding: We've received a press release promising a protest at 8:30 a.m. Maybe they'll even catch Anna Wintour on her way into work!
Tim Murphy


Milton Glaser Continues to Love New York

There was news yesterday that the Empire State Development Corporation, the state's economic-development agency, wants to freshen up the famous "I ♥ New York" ad campaign. "We are looking to actively reenergize and reinvigorate the brand," they said in an ad. The iconic logo was designed in 1977 by Milton Glaser, who also designed New York magazine, which he helped found. We called him yesterday to see how he feels about his baby's impending face-lift.


Brooklyn Now a Tourist Trap, Officially

Looks like Marty Markowitz's troubled overseas PR trip may have actually borne fruit. Brooklyn, improbably, made the list of top worldwide tourist destinations put out by Lonely Planet, a slightly granola guidebook empire. "Any New Yorker worth their street cred," the endorsement begins (pronoun-antecedent agreement not being one of Lonely Planet's strengths), "knows the new downtown lies just across the East River." Beyond the usual sites, Lonely Planet spies have sniffed out some fairly obscure local spots to recommend — among them Alma, a Carroll Gardens Mexican joint, and Barcade, a Williamsburg watering hole. "I'm not a big fan of hipsters," says a Barcade co-owner, who seems to think he installed dozens of vintage arcade games in the bar to repel the demographic. "But I guess it's sort of exciting that they're attracting people from the outside." Not so fast, barkeep: BlueList 2007, the guide containing this Brooklyn-trumpeting, is also the first Lonely Planet edition with a section on "dark tourism" (i.e., celebrity death spots and disaster areas). Coincidence? Brooklyn's the REAL Vacation Hot Spot [NYDN] BlueList 2007 [Lonely Planet] Earlier: In London, Marty Needs a Stiff Upper Lip