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  1. Trump Signals He Will Seek Relatively Modest Changes to NAFTADuring the campaign, Trump promised to “rip up” the trade agreement. Now, his administration appears content to make NAFTA a bit more like the TPP.
  2. Britain Hits the European Union With Divorce PapersNow, the U.K. has two years to reach a new deal with the E.U. — before high tariffs kick in and suffocate the British economy.
  3. Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Tries to Sell Mexico On ‘North America First’Peter Navarro wants the new NAFTA to protect the North American manufacturing market from overseas competition.
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    Farmers in Trump’s Heartland Now ‘Very Worried’ About His Position on NAFTAThey already face industrywide surpluses without the addition of new trade barriers.
  5. Wall Street Remembers Why It Was Afraid of President TrumpGoldman Sachs is starting to wonder if having an incompetent nativist as president might have its downsides.
  6. Trump’s First Monday: Ending TPP and Renegotiating NAFTAPresident Obama’s signature trade deal is dead.
  7. China Warns ‘Rookie’ Trump It May ‘Take Off the Gloves’The president-elect has suggested the One China policy will be used as a bargaining chip.
  8. No, Alibaba Is Not Going to Create 1 Million U.S. Jobs Because of TrumpThe Chinese e-commerce company gifted the president-elect with fodder for flattering — but wholly misleading — headlines.
  9. Trump’s Pick for Trade Representative Is Yet Another Free-Trade SkepticThe president-elect is loading up on them.
  10. Trump Mulls Imposing Tariffs by Executive OrderThe president-elect is reportedly considering a 5 percent tariff on all foreign imports, much to the chagrin of GOP-aligned business interests.
  11. The Chamber of Commerce May Learn to Love TrumpIf the new administration and the Chamber’s allies in Congress give big business the tax and regulatory “relief” it wants, it’ll be fine with Trump.
  12. Rural America Does Not Necessarily Love TrumponomicsWhile he won rural and small-town America by a landslide, it is not clear that these voters totally agree with his retrograde economic policies.
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    Obama Gives Americans Permission to Haul Infinite Quantities of Cuban Rum HomeThe $100 import limit has officially been removed.
  14. Trump Has Forced Establishment Republicans to Switch Sides in the TPP FightGOP Senate candidates Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey were staunch supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then Trump seized control of their party.
  15. Disagreeing With the Elite Policy Consensus Does Not Make One a Trump ‘Enabler’Champions of globalism in its current form need to stop labeling all dissenters as “Trump enablers” or “nativists.”
  16. Democratic Delegates Demand Anti-TPP Provision in Party PlatformClinton and Sanders delegates from Connecticut, Ohio, and New Jersey have signed letters calling for the Democratic platform to explicitly oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  17. If Hillary Clinton Picks Elizabeth Warren, the TPP Is DeadOn Thursday, Warren released a video that makes one thing clear: Clinton can have her as VP, or she can have the TPP — but not both.
  18. Bernie Sanders’s Case Against Free Trade Is More Ignorant Than Donald Trump’sAt least Trump is honest about whom he wants to screw over.
  19. Trump Is Right About Trade Hurting American Workers, But His Fix Makes No SenseGlobalization did create a lot of losers, but Trump’s seven-point policy cure is pure crazy.
  20. Sanders Bucking Democrats’ Oldest Policy ViewThe party’s leadership has favored free trade dating back to the Civil War.
  21. President Obama Arrives in Cuba for Historic VisitIt’s the first visit by a U.S. president since 1928.
  22. The White House Is Making It Even Easier to Get to CubaWant a ‘58 Impala, cheap?
  23. ‘No More Trade Agreements for Now’ Makes SenseThe fact that there’s a GOP Congress makes all the difference. 
  24. Leaders Give Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal a Thumbs-upBut the arguing on the outside will continue evermore.
  25. The Trade Vote Reignited the War Within the House GOPAfter passing a trade bill, the GOP moves to crack down on dissenters.
  26. Senate Passes Fast-Track BillThe bill passed 60-38.
  27. Fast-Track Trade Bill Closer to Becoming LawIt looks very likely that President Obama will be able to sign the bill by the end of the day.
  28. House Says No Thanks to Trade Bill Obama Really, Really WantedDemocrats and Republicans alike helped to fail the bill.
  29. Reporter Resigned to Sharing Donald Trump’s Views on TradeThe potential presidential candidate offers unsolicited views on the free-trade debate in Congress.
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    Help Jody Adams Raise $100,000 for Dana-Farber on Father’s DayJoin Jody Adams for a brisk morning bike ride.
  31. Celebrity Settings
    Mena Suvari Parties at Trade; Dennis Rodman Dines at Legal Sea FoodsPlus Dan Aykyroyd and more, all in our celebrity-dining round-up.
  32. The Other Critics
    Casa B Brings the Tropics to Somerville; Lone Star’s Cobs Almost Outshine Toro’sPlus mixed reviews for Trade and more, all in our weekly critics’ round-up.
  33. Grub Guides
    Boston’s Just DessertsIt was a tough job, but someone had to try Boston’s sweetest dishes.
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    Obama Deluty ‘12?Stella’s Evan Deluty wins one for Obama.
  35. The Other Critics
    Trade’s Avocado and Fish Get Love; Blue Nile Is Quite SaucyPlus subs to go and more, all in our weekly critics’ round-up.
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Turkish Meatball Truck Debuts, Trade Opens, Columbus Cafe ClosesPlus Pops goes poof and more, all in our weekly neighborhood round-up.
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    Trade, Jody Adams’s Globally Inspired Venture, Soft Opens TonightMake haste to Atlantic Wharf for spices, flatbreads, and a lovely wine display.
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    Meet Trade’s Executive Chef, Andrew HebertJody Adams’s young protege talks flatbread, beer, and pizza-making.
  39. Neighborhood Watch
    Downtown Gets a Five Guys; the Seaport Gets a Naked GuyPlus turkish meatballs, cocktails and more, all in our weekly neighborhood round-up.
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    A Fall Feastiary: 17 New Dishes That We Can’t Wait to EatWe’re hungry, and we’re happy.
  41. Neighborhood Watch
    Sweet Caroline’s Comes to Kenmore; Storyville Starts Next ChapterPlus Brian McGrory discovers food trucks and more, all in our neighborhood news round-up.
  42. The Other Critics
    Legal Harborside Caters to the Mature; Journeyman Is Worth a TripPlus Blue Inc., Forum and things to come, all in our weekly critics’ round-up.
  43. The Other Critics
    Red Lantern Often Shines; Everyone Loves Jody AdamsPlus sushi pizza and more, all in our weekly critics’ round-up.
  44. Coming Soon
    Will Trade Be Boston’s Biggest Fall Opening? Just don’t call Jody Adams a “celebrity chef.”