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  1. first person
    How to Plan a Wedding When You’re an Orphan“When I think about my parents’ absence at my wedding I feel a kind of relief. It’s a guilty kind of relief, but there it is.”
  2. Paul Rudd Keeps the ‘Mac and Me’ Tradition Alive on ‘Conan’Of all the late night talk show traditions out there, one of the most consistently hilarious is Paul Rudd’s history of pranking Conan O’Brien […]
  3. traditions
    It’s My First Mother’s Day As a Mom. Now What?Having a family of my own is a fresh start.
  4. Chris Gethard Promises to Host ‘Sandwich Night’ on Public Access for the […]Comedian Chris Gethard has promised that, although his public access series, The Chris Gethard Show, may be ending in the wake of a recent deal […]
  5. saving trees
    Heidi Klum Has Five Christmas Trees Too ManyMistaking her trees for a forest.
  6. traditions
    The Many Wacky Easter Eggs of the 2013 Kardashian Christmas CardJust look at this thing.
  7. traditions
    Report: Coeds Aren’t Kissing Traditionally AnymoreEveryone used to respect tradition.
  8. Whose Family Celebrates Christmas With a Peppermint Pig?Show of hands.
  9. traditions
    The Secret Service Is Better Than the FBI at HockeyFact.