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  1. fun facts
    Audrina Patridge Gave Birth to Train’s ‘Hey, Soul Sister’That’s a fact!
  2. Look at This Dumb BusThis seems like a bad idea.
  3. transportation
    Commuter Train Derails in California, Injuring 14 PeopleOne of its cars fell into a creek.
  4. videology
    What Would It Look Like If Danny Trejo Were in the Band Train?Here he is, lip-synching along to this Train song.
  5. tim and eric's billion dollar movie
    Watch Tim and Eric Goof Off in an Interview With MTV NewsZales? Check. McDonald’s? Check. Tim Allen and Train? Check, check, check!
  6. Marketing Gimmicks
    Rock N’ Roll Chef Bribes Diners With Free Tickets To See Train PlayKerry Simon is giving away free concert tickets at L.A. market tomorrow.
  7. ad watch
    Train’s New Song That You Might Soon Hate Is HereIt’s the centerpiece of Coke’s new ad campaign, and it will be deployed to 90 countries.
  8. complaint box
    Boozing Metro-North Bar-Car Customers Don’t Want Your Stinking SeatsHow are Metro-North riders supposed to party with all those pesky seats?
  9. music
    Hear Lady Gaga Perform a New Song Live, ‘You and I’It sounds a bit like Train’s “Drops of Jupiter,” which is unexpected.
  10. the industry
    David Simon Re-‘Wires’ His New PilotA handful of ‘Wire’ vets join Simon’s New Orleans–set HBO pilot.