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  1. best of 2019
    The Best Movies of 2019 (So Far)Including the Rock’s latest, Mads Mikkelsen’s survival drama, and a tightly wound horror movie.
  2. movie review
    Christian Petzold’s Transit Is Confounding, But CompellingOnce the bitterly ironic vision of this slow-motion mistaken-identity farce takes hold, it eats into the mind.
  3. cityscape
    Here’s a Solution for Fixing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway: Get Rid of ItNew York City wants to spend billions upgrading a perpetually jammed roadway. Bad idea.
  4. transit
    Tales From the Impending L-Train ApocalypseHow locals are preparing for April’s L-train shutdown.
  5. basta!
    Rome Tried to Break Up Its Version of the MTA, and Only Apathy Stopped ItA big majority of voters were in favor — but so few people voted that it didn’t matter.
  6. the pink tax
    The Illusion of Safer Transportation Is Costing WomenWomen spend up to $100 more than men each month, a new study from NYU found.
  7. mta
    Get on the Bus: A Radical Plan for Brooklyn’s Bus NetworkTwo urban planning experts argue that putting buses first could help fix New York’s transit woes.
  8. The Bright Future of Citi BikeAfter five years, the system is nimble and popular, and costs the taxpayer nothing — and still has the power to transform the city.
  9. The New Ferry Fleet Will Be Delightful, and Is Also a Huge MistakeSix hundred million dollars is way too much for such a tiny number of riders.
  10. Plan for Fancy Light Shows on Bridges Jeered in City Where Subways Don’t WorkThe dismal state of the MTA is becoming a real problem for Andrew Cuomo.
  11. cut cover story
    Rachel Cusk’s Many SelvesThe memoirist who took on the cult of motherhood? The feminist who refuses to laugh? The acclaimed novelist who turned autofiction on its head?
  12. Mayor Bill de Blasio Teases Citywide Ferry Service, Coming This SummerThe company is hiring as the system prepares to open new routes from Astoria, the Rockaways, and South Brooklyn.
  13. Art Installations and Light Shows Will Replace Tollbooths on NYC BridgesIt’s the latest infrastructure plan from Governor Cuomo.
  14. Look at This Dumb Bus, Which Now Exists in Real LifeThis bus is ready to hit the road.
  15. The Ferry Plan May Be Misguided. But …An iffy plan has an upside.
  16. Why the Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Is the Folly We NeedA skeptic gets (partly) won over by a new proposal.
  17. A $10-Per-Barrel Tax on Oil? Obama’s Final Budget Proposal Turns Bold To pay for fossil-fuel-free transportation options. 
  18. Coming Soon
    Tiki, BBQ and More Coming to Sixth and Spring GardenThe Farmers’ Cabinet folks are planning a South Seas venture for the former nightclub space.
  19. MTA Plans to Replace MetroCards With Sensor Cards Linked to Your Bank AccountMetroCards are the new subway tokens.
  20. Woman Gives Birth in the Back of an Arecibo CabThe cleanup took a while,” he said. “But that was no big deal.”
  21. Brooklyn-Based Traffic and Subway iPhone App Takes Home Top PrizeA crowd-sourced app called Roadify.
  22. Girl Eating Spaghetti on Subway Incites BrawlTwo subway riders came to blows over public pasta consumption.
  23. This Week in Moronic Protests: The Free Swipe MovementHow, exactly, does this “stick it to the man”?
  24. transit
    Jay St./Borough Hall Subway Gets a New Name and a New TransferNo more paying extra to transfer from Jay St./Borough Hall to Lawrence St./MetroTech!
  25. 7 Train, Next Stop: Secaucus, New JerseyThings get fancy.
  26. Yellow Cab Fleet Owners Propose a 19 Percent Fare HikeIt feels like the city is trying to tell us something.
  27. For the Second Year in a Row, the C Train Is Ranked the City’s WorstThe Straphangers Campaign says taking the C train is only worth 55 cents.
  28. NYU Doesn’t Want to Know Whether Drunk Bikers Were Also HighBiking while drunk is the second-highest reason bikers end up in car accidents.
  29. Bridge Fire Suspends Train Traffic in and Out of Grand CentralNo train service after a fire on the 138th Street Bridge.
  30. The MTA’s Proposed Fare Hikes Are Based on Estimated IncomeMTA head says the current discounts depending on the average income of riders are “inequitable.”
  31. Will Red Hook Get a Street Trolley? A Journey Into Brooklyn’s PastSort of like steampunk, only not.
  32. Evil Bike Salmon Ruining the Roads for Reuters’ Felix Salmon (No Relation)Evil bike salmon” have reached “pandemic proportions” on New York City streets.
  33. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Holmes, CaviezelPlus: Jim Caviezel joins thriller.
  34. Unemployment Is Great for TrafficWay fewer cars have been making the slog into the city this year than last year.
  35. New South Ferry Station to Save You From EmbarrassmentYou know you’ve been caught on the wrong car at the last stop on the 1 train once or twice, and have had people look at you like you’re an idiot tourist.
  36. The Irony of Naming the Triborough Bridge After RFKHe was an early environmentalist who favored mass transit over cars in New York City.
  37. countdown
    ‘Cloverfield’ Reality Check: New York Subway EditionCould you really walk through the 6 train tunnel that fast?