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  1. transportation
    Off-Schedule and Over-Budget, California’s Bullet Train Is in Big TroubleNew Governor Gavin Newsom is promising a “fresh start” on Jerry Brown’s pet project.
  2. gig economy
    The Tragic End to a Longtime Black-Car Driver’s Campaign Against UberHopelessly outmatched by ride-sharing apps, Doug Schifter took his own life to publicize the plight of his fellow workers.
  3. The New Ferry Fleet Will Be Delightful, and Is Also a Huge MistakeSix hundred million dollars is way too much for such a tiny number of riders.
  4. The Subway Crisis We’ve Been Writing About for 48 YearsThe intensity of the subway’s troubles is new, but the problems themselves are not.
  5. Despite Fatal Accidents, Train Safety Still Isn’t a Top Priority for WashingtonMore pressing than Trump’s fanciful infrastructure plan: Why haven’t we implemented technology that could have prevented hundreds of train deaths?
  6. Amtrak Points Finger at Freight-Train Firm After Another Deadly CrashExperts say the long-overdue installation of positive train control technology could have prevented the crash, Amtrak’s third in seven weeks.
  7. The Regional Plan Association Would Like to Close the Subways All NightAnd add glass partitions and gates to keep people from falling onto the tracks.
  8. new york 50th anniversary
    Who’s Sitting Next to You on the Subway? On an R Train in September, We Asked.“I get, like, panic attacks, on the train especially. That’s why I get into the benzos.”
  9. 42 Injured in Train Crash Outside of PhiladelphiaA high-speed train hit another train parked at the station in Upper Darby.
  10. Service Suspended After NJ Transit Train Derails at Penn StationThere were no injuries, but the “minor” derailment caused more even delays at the troubled station.
  11. Penn Station’s Latest Addition: A Sewage WaterfallFetid water fell from the ceiling of the LIRR Concourse for hours on Wednesday.
  12. Amtrak’s Plan to Fix Penn Station May Cause Extensive Delays for CommutersThe recent headaches for Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit riders may just be the start.
  13. Staten Island Really Wants a Gondola Connecting It to New JerseyBehold this unorthodox aerial-transport plan.
  14. transportation
    The Pilot Who Says the Cockpit Is a Confessional“You name it, man. I’ve probably heard it all.”
  15. transportation
    The Parking Attendant Who Reads Her Prayer Book to Pass the Time“Spirituality is not what a big company is thinking about. It’s about the money. I get it. Ethically, I think, Am I this douche by working for them?”
  16. Georgia’s Many Counties Have Contributed to Atlanta’s Traffic DisasterOne of the least-understood sources of Atlanta’s horrific traffic problem is a balkanized system of counties.
  17. Customs System Outage Causes Airport Delays NationwideThousands were stuck in cramped airport corridors, waiting to be processed.
  18. A History of Waiting for the Second Avenue SubwayNow arriving. (Really!)
  19. select all
    The Kink in Elon Musk’s HyperloopThe dream of zipping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes has run into a few speed bumps.
  20. Seeing Is Believing: Video Shows MTA Testing Second Avenue SubwayIt’s really happening … soonish.
  21. New Bar Cars May Make Commuting on the Metro-North BearableAfter a two-year absence, bar cars are returning to the New Haven line.
  22. This Guarantees Pregnant Women a Seat on TrainsAn end to the awkwardness?
  23. This Guy Hacked a Bike and Turned It Into a Little CarIt actually looks fun to drive.
  24. The United States Will Soon Have Its First Solar-Energy RoadYou just have to be okay with driving on glass.
  25. Sweden Just Rolled Out the World’s First Electric HighwayE-trucks are twice as efficient as traditional engines.
  26. The Ambitious Hyperloop Project Just Passed a Huge TestBlast off.
  27. This High-Tech Wheel Can Turn Any Bike Into an e-BikeIt pretty much eliminates any obligation you think you have to cars or subways.
  28. Real-Estate Executive Wants East River GondolaHe first proposed the idea in 2014.
  29. Kazuyo Sejima Designed an Invisible TrainArchitect Kazuyo Sejima’s nearly invisible train is coming to Japan in 2018.
  30. MIT Researchers Are Designing a Future Without Traffic LightsThey’ve come up with a system they say could reduce traffic to the point where twice as many cars could be on the road.
  31. transportation
    Commuter Train Derails in California, Injuring 14 PeopleOne of its cars fell into a creek.
  32. Trains Collide in Germany, Leaving at Least 4 Dead, Dozens InjuredThe two passengers trains were in a head-on crash.
  33. A $10-Per-Barrel Tax on Oil? Obama’s Final Budget Proposal Turns Bold To pay for fossil-fuel-free transportation options. 
  34. Passenger Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Somalia After Onboard ExplosionSome believe it was a bomb.
  35. 6 People Have Been Slashed in the Subway So Far This YearThe latest attack happened in Harlem early on Sunday morning.
  36. Cuomo and Christie Ask Obama to Go Splitsies on New Rail TunnelsPretty please with a cherry on top?
  37. La Guardia Airport to Be Torn Down and Rebuilt Governor Cuomo and Vice-President Biden unveiled the plan on Monday.
  38. Hundreds of Tourists Missing After Ship Capsizes in ChinaAt least 15 survivors have been found.
  39. Full Amtrak Service Will Now Resume on Monday MorningA day earlier than expected.
  40. Water Main Break Floods West Village, Disrupts Subway ServiceAbout 500 people had be evacuated from a 1 train.
  41. Amtrak Ice Patrol Is Real, Isn’t Purposely Ruining Your CommuteThey’re trying to keep the trains running, the old-fashioned way.
  42. Disillusioned Uber Drivers Can Turn Their Cars Into TaxisWith a coat of yellow paint.
  43. Report: The Subway Will Actually Keep Running All Night — You Just Can’t Ride ItAn MTA source said Governor Cuomo made a “horrible, purely political decision.”
  44. What You Need to Know About Transportation (or Lack Thereof) During the BlizzardNew York City’s streets will be closed to non-emergency vehicles starting at 11 p.m.
  45. Can Car2Go Transform New York Into a City of Drivers?The “one-way car-share” revolution has arrived.
  46. scary things
    One Dead, Dozens Hurt After Mysterious Smoke Fills D.C. Metro CarInvestigators still don’t know where it came from.
  47. 25 Injured in Brooklyn Crash Involving MTA Bus and Two CarsVideo shows a BMW hitting another car, then swerving into the bus.
  48. Why Many New York Drivers Prefer Lyft to UberWe took a sorta-scientific poll. The results were overwhelming.
  49. Man Charged in Subway Death Allegedly Pushed Another RiderThe suspect’s mother says he’s homeless and mentally ill.
  50. transportation
    Citi Bike Is Getting Bigger, Better, and More Expensive [Updated]The long-rumored sale is official, and the bike-share system has a new boss.
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