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  1. Koch Brothers Eyeing Tribune Company PapersHow do we make sure our voice is being heard?”
  2. Tribune Co.’s Post-Bankruptcy Board Is Not Very NewsyThey’re mostly Hollywood types.
  3. Tribune Lenders Expected to File Lawsuit Against Sam Zell by MidnightThe suit will allege that Zell’s leveraged buyout made the company go broke.
  4. Tribune CEO Officially Out, and Other DramaticsPeter Chernin to replace Sam Zell?
  5. Tribune Company CEO: ‘I Work Here Today and I’m Still Working’About those rumors …
  6. Tribune Company Board Rumored Ready to Sack CEO [Updated]Randy Michaels could not recover from the scathing ‘Times’ report on his successful destruction of a giant media company.
  7. ‘Slut’ Video–Forwarding Tribune Exec Lee Abrams ResignsWe guess he didn’t want to wait around for the Tribune Company to pick out a disciplinary option.
  8. Tribune Exec Suspended After Forwarding ‘Sluts’ Video [Updated]That clears things right up!
  9. Thirteen Ways in Which Owner Sam Zell and CEO Randy Michaels Have Destroyed the Tribune CompanyThe New York ‘Times’ has a scathing exposé this morning.