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Trump Tax Cuts

  1. Republicans Reportedly Add Even Bigger Tax Cut for the RichThey’re going to cut the top income-tax rate on top of everything else.
  2. Why the Trump Tax Cuts Might Jack Up the Deficit More Than Anybody ExpectsThe bill is a sieve. What happens if the tax-shelter industry explodes?
  3. Senate Republicans Made a $300 Billion Mistake in Their Tax BillAnd that may prove costly for Susan Collins.
  4. Lobbyists and Tax Lawyers Can’t Believe What a Gift Republicans Have Given Them“We have a new tool to play with.”
  5. The Republican War on EconomicsEven the most liberal Republican denies basic economics.
  6. Senate Republicans Accidentally Killed Some of Their Donors’ Favorite Tax BreaksPassing a tax bill that you wrote over lunch — and never actually read — appears to have some downsides.
  7. The Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich Must, and Will, Be RepealedThey’re the most easily reversible damage Trump will do in office.
  8. Why Republicans Will Insist the Trump Tax Cuts ‘Worked,’ No Matter WhatThe Republican budget model is: heads they win, tails you lose.
  9. Republicans Have the Votes for a TBD Tax BillFifty-one GOP senators have agreed to vote for a tax bill that does not yet exist.
  10. Trump’s Obsession With the Number 20 Imperils the GOP Tax BillRepublicans could solve all of their tax package’s problems easily — if the president weren’t arbitrarily fixated on a 20 percent corporate tax rate.
  11. Susan Collins Is Sure This Will All End Great for EveryoneMcConnell promised Collins that the GOP won’t slash Medicare — and will shore up Obamacare — if she votes for tax cuts first.
  12. How the GOP’s Contempt for Democracy Will Pass Trump’s Tax CutsPaul Ryan has not abandoned his principles to support Trump. He is fulfilling them.
  13. John McCain Caps Political Career by Declaring Himself a FraudThe Trump tax cuts are a violation of the senator’s stated principles. He plans to vote for them anyway.
  14. The GOP Keeps Admitting Its Economic Theory Is Incompatible With DemocracyRepublicans say that their tax cuts will only work if businesses can be certain that they will never be repealed.
  15. Republicans Have Written the Least Popular Tax Bill in Modern HistoryIt’s the first unpopular tax cut in at least four decades — and is even more hated than the bill that raised taxes under Clinton.
  16. There Is No Economic Theory That Justifies the GOP Tax PlanEven supply-side economists won’t defend the actually-existing Republican bill.
  17. The Trump Tax Cuts Pass in Committee, Head to the Senate FloorIt looks like this thing is gonna pass — if Mitch McConnell can keep all of the promises he just made.
  18. The GOP Tax Plan Might Make Sense — If Recessions Didn’t ExistRepublicans are writing a bill that will stimulate the economy in the middle of an expansion — and automatically depress it during a downturn.
  19. Obamacare Repeal Failed, But Tax Cuts Will Probably Pass. Here’s Why.Five reasons that explain why tax cuts are easier.
  20. This Republican Senator Just Called His Party’s Bluff on Tax CutsRepublicans say that their tax bill will pay for itself. James Lankford wants his party to put its money where its mouth is.
  21. Here’s How Republicans Plan to Get Their Tax Bill Out of the SenateSeven Senate Republicans have expressed concerns about the legislation. Mitch McConnell hopes to win them over with these last-minute changes.
  22. The GOP’s Lonely Deficit Hawks Just Might Kill the Trump Tax CutsJeff Flake, Bob Corker, and John McCain know their tax bill isn’t actually deficit neutral. And they might be done playing dumb.
  23. Republicans Want You to Know They’re for Corporations, Not the Middle ClassThere’s no other explanation for this newly discovered detail of the Senate’s tax bill.
  24. Wall Street Journal Column Compares Children to DogsIs there a word for when your parody of the other side winds up parodying your own side?
  25. How the Trump Tax Cuts Would Reshape (and/or Break) Our EconomyThe GOP’s tax reforms would have major consequences for housing, higher education, and manufacturing — and just might trigger a recession.
  26. the national interest
    The Republican Plan Is the Opposite of Tax ReformThere will be infinite new ways for rich people to avoid taxes.
  27. the national interest
    Why Ron Johnson’s Opposition Is a Body Blow for the Trump Tax CutsThey’ll need to give him either money or spend time negotiating with him. They don’t have either to spare.
  28. How Republicans Gamed Budget Rules to Pass Their Tax CutAnd how Democrats can use the same trick when they get power.
  29. New GOP Tax-Cut Plan Raises Taxes on Virtually Everyone by 2027Senate Republicans solved their tax plan’s math problem — by phasing out every tax cut in their bill that doesn’t benefit corporations.
  30. Republicans to Repeal Obamacare’s Individual Mandate in Tax BillThe GOP plans to reduce the number of Americans with health insurance by 13 million, so as to pay for giant corporate tax cuts.
  31. Republicans Can’t Afford Their Tax-Cut HabitThe GOP needs to slash the cost of its plan. But every time Republicans find a new revenue source, they decide to spend the money on another tax cut.
  32. Trump Argues That GOP Tax Bill Should Do More for the RichThe president promised that his tax plan wouldn’t help the wealthy. Now, he’s demanding a new tax break for millionaires.
  33. Trump’s Tax Bill Is an Attack on the Most Vulnerable Republicans in CongressThese two charts show why.
  34. The Senate Tax Cut Plan Can’t Pass the SenateThis isn’t ’Nam. There are rules.
  35. the national interest
    Gary Cohn: ‘The Most Excited Group Out There Are Big CEOs, About Our Tax Plan’When Trump economic advisers fail at spin.
  36. Trump Tells Senate Democrats He Had to Give the Rich SomethingThe president’s private arguments for his tax cuts are even less honest or compelling than his public ones.
  37. The Richest One Percent of America Gets Half the Trump Tax CutsNever change, Republicans.
  38. If These Senators Aren’t Lying, Then Trump’s Tax Plan Is Already DeadIf John McCain, Susan Collins, and Bob Corker mean what they say, then the House bill will (almost certainly) die in the upper chamber.
  39. The Republican Tax Plan Is Political SuicideA bill that reads like it was reverse-engineered from attack ads.
  40. The House Republican Tax Cut Is a Failure on Its Own TermsPaul Ryan vowed not to repeat the mistake of the Bush tax cuts. He’s repeating it.
  41. The GOP Tax Plan Takes From Orphans, Gives to Trust-Fund KidsRight-wing populism is one hell of a drug.
  42. Inequality Is a Bigger Threat to Our Democracy Than Putin IsThe biggest problem with Trump’s tax cuts is that increasing the wealth of the rich is a recipe for oligarchy.
  43. Republicans Delay Tax-Cut Plan Again, Insist All is WellBy the way, is there anybody onboard who knows how to fly a plane?
  44. The GOP Is No Longer Trying to Hide Its Inhuman PrioritiesThe GOP just voted to add $1.5 trillion to the debt for corporate tax cuts, but won’t commit to more than $1 billion for the opioid “emergency.”
  45. New Koch Ads Accuse Democrat of Opposing Unpopular Tax CutsThe libertarian billionaires will spend $1.6 million informing Wisconsin that Tammy Baldwin opposes tax cuts that few Americans support.
  46. The Insane Republican Plan to Win Reelection Through PlutocracyRepublicans have somehow convinced themselves that the public will reward them for helping one-percenters.
  47. the national interest
    Legislative Mastermind Trump Now Feuding With Entire Senate Margin for ErrorA brilliant strategy for passing tax cuts.
  48. Hilarious Paul Ryan Forgets to Mention That He’s Concealing Trump Tax ReturnsIt’s too bad Paul Ryan is a powerless comedian rather than some kind of high-ranking federal officeholder.
  49. Republicans: We’re Trying Not to Cut Taxes for the Rich, But It’s Too HardTheir goal was to stick it to their donors. But they can’t because of technical math issues. It’s complicated, you wouldn’t understand.
  50. Trump Is Afraid His Tax Plan Is Doomed. He Should Be.The Senate’s margin for error is slim, the divisions among Republicans are massive, and the tax plan is half-baked — and wholly unpopular.
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