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  1. truths
    Why Supporting Woody Allen Hurts Abuse Survivors“It’s time to ask some hard questions.”
  2. truths
    Why Lena Dunham Would ‘Kill Herself’ If She Woke Up As a Man“I feel so passionately lucky to be doing the work of being female right now.”
  3. truths
    Dating in New York Ruined Me for ParisI’m not used to a city where love comes fast and furious.
  4. The Collected Truth Bombs of Donald J. TrumpRivals are attacking Trump for his past heresies to conservatism, but his current campaign has been full of them.
  5. truths
    Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill Wrote a Dark Dialogue About ModelingA brutal transcript from Opening Ceremony’s one-act play.
  6. Governor of Delaware Sums Up Reid-Romney BattleQuite nicely.