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  1. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Is Making Airports Even More HellishTravelers are seeing long security lines, and some TSA workers, who typically make very little, are struggling to pay their bills.
  2. government shutdown
    Two Weeks Into Shutdown, Hundreds of TSA Agents Have Stopped Showing Up for WorkWith the shutdown freezing their pay, many TSA workers are calling in sick to work second jobs or save money on child-care costs.
  3. flying while muslim
    Muslim Woman Forced to Show TSA Her Bloody Pad During Body SearchZainab Merchant says two TSA officials requested that she pull down her pants and underwear after a pat down.
  4. select all
    The TSA Is Fighting United on Twitter Over … Comic Books?A very weird Twitter drama between the TSA and United Airlines.
  5. something fishy
    Owner of 20-Pound Lobster Is Livid the TSA Took a Selfie With His Dinner“They are like the dumbest people in the world.”
  6. body shaming
    Olympic Medalist Aly Raisman Says She Was Bodyshamed by TSA AgentsHmmmmmmm.
  7. U.S. Places New Restrictions on Air Travelers From 8 Muslim-Majority CountriesU.S.-bound passengers from eight nations in the Middle East are no longer allowed to carry laptops on flights.
  8. Trump Plan Would Gut Coast Guard and TSA to Pay for Immigration CrackdownApparently, making America “safe again” involves cutting airport and coastal security to channel billions of dollars to pro-Trump border unions.
  9. 11 People Went Through JFK Security Without Being ScreenedIt took the TSA two hours to report the accidental security breach to Port Authority police.
  10. Ben Affleck Breathes Through Interminable TSA Pat DownAnother Affleck moment of Zen.
  11. motherhood
    TSA Confiscates Highly Threatening Substance: Rose Byrne’s Breast MilkStars — they’re just like us!
  12. The TSA Paid $336,000 for an App That Chooses Between Left and RightYou might say the bill was … sky-high.
  13. dangerous fashion
    TSA Protects Nation From Ugly ShoesThe NRA has yet to comment on the incident.
  14. TSA Finds Record Number of Guns at Airport CheckpointsEither the TSA is getting better or Americans are carrying more guns.
  15. After Failing 95 Percent of Airport Security Tests, TSA Gets a New DirectorIn 67 out of 70 tests, undercover agents were able to get weapons and fake bombs past screeners.
  16. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore a Bedazzled Bra Through Airport Security Also, got to keep her Balmain boots on.
  17. air travel
    Soon We’ll Be Able to Fly With All Our Beauty ProductsNo liquid is too much liquid!
  18. unfriendly skies
    TSA Cracks Down on Uncharged Electronic DevicesForgetting your phone charger just got even worse.
  19. shootings
    Armed Officers Were on Break When Gunman Opened Fire at LAXBut hadn’t informed the dispatcher.
  20. flying the friendly skies
    TSA Is No Match for Crafty 9-Year-Old Boy Flying to Vegas Without TicketGovernment shutdown is a poor excuse.
  21. the internet
    The TSA Is Working on Its Social Media StrategyThere’s now an Instagram account.
  22. airport security
    TSA: Never Mind About the Small KnivesStill banned from planes.
  23. unfriendly skies
    TSA Isn’t Giving Sequester-Afflicted Travelers a BreakYou still can’t bring knives on planes.
  24. Just Never Say ‘Bomb’ in an Airport It’s always more trouble than it’s worth.
  25. airport security
    Should Very Small Knives Be Allowed on Airplanes?The TSA says yes; Congress and flight attendants say no.
  26. Newark TSA Better at Finding Vibrators Than They Are at Finding BombsFail.
  27. airport security
    TSA to Allow Wiffle Ball Bats, Pool Cues, Tiny KnivesStill no liquids.
  28. travel
    Report of TSA’s 7-Inch Limit for Sex Toys Is Greatly ExaggeratedYou can bring any size you want, TSA says.
  29. sticky situations
    Peanut Butter Connoisseur Allegedly Harassed by TSA, Forced to Eat Sub-par PBJQuite the sticky situation.
  30. Airport Scanners Will No Longer Reveal Lumpy American FleshThe naked X-ray machines are being removed.
  31. Crime Scenes
    Airport Security Busts Culinary StudentLooks like one culinary student wont’ be showing off her knife skills to the folks over the semester break.
  32. the worst form of travel
    Police Nab TSA Thief With ‘Bait iPads’No one can resist a shiny Apple product.
  33. Planes at JFK Just Get a Quick Once-Over, According to Security WorkersComforting.
  34. TSA Foils Kidnapping, Still Fails to Impress CongressThey’re still focused on all those criminal incidents.
  35. Is That a Bomb in Your Pants, or Do You Just Have the World’s Largest Penis?World’s largest penis. 
  36. Man Busted at JFK With Nine Birds Up His SleeveSmall ones though.
  37. tsa
    Henry Kissinger Got a Pat Down at Airport SecurityHe took it in stride.
  38. Geraldo Rivera Was ‘Raped’Oh, no, it was just a TSA screening that thousands of people go through every day.
  39. tsa overkill
    Newark Airport Evacuated Over Baby Security Breach Never trust a baby. 
  40. Man Tries to Board Flight With a Knife Hidden in a Mayo JarPolice confiscated the knife and mayo and let the man board his flight.
  41. Mediavore
    Accused McDonald’s Vandal Pleads Not Guilty; TSA Asks Mom to Pump Breast MilkPlus long lines and fancy sandwiches at Jose Andres’ D.C. food truck and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  42. Mediavore
    Jamba Juice Enters Fresh-Juice Arena; Speculation Causing Unstable Food PricesPlus: Jose Andres’s food truck bows in D.C., Queens Plaza’s hot new lunch scene, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  43. Mediavore
    BYOB Seems Inevitable For Ocean City; Speculators Cause Instability of FoodPlus: TSA can’t make up its mind about bottles; and Jose Andres launches a food truck in D.C. with Iberico ham sandwiches, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Today in Ballsy TSA TheftsSomeone took $5,000 right out of a jacket.  
  45. Rand Paul Is a Drama QueenHe claims he was “detained” by the TSA today after he refused to have a pat down. 
  46. Travelers Rushing Through JFK Security Left Behind Nearly $47,000 Last YearWhich should pay for, like, one or two TSA security guards.
  47. money
    Passengers Left $409,085 at Airport Security Checkpoints in 2011Directly into the pocket of the TSA.
  48. The TSA Is Writing Notes AgainMaaaaaybe.
  49. transportation
    Third Elderly Woman Says TSA Strip-Searched Her at JFKEveryone is suspect.
  50. TSA Apologizes for Alleged Strip SearchAnd oh — she’s 85.
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