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  1. teenage dreams
    Our Tumblrs, Our Teenage SelvesSocial media lets us treat the Internet like it’s our bedroom wall.
  2. cybersex
    The Rise of Microporn: DIY Dirty Movies for an ADD EraWhy watch six minutes of porn on YouTube when you can watch six seconds on Vine? 
  3. boys boys boys
    Stop Everything and Look at ‘Hot Guys Laughing’Chicken soup for even the darkest of souls.
  4. gif bag
    The Wire Getting Serious About the GIF Game, Thanks to a RobotA Tumblr bot is automatically making one GIF per hour.
  5. momentous occasions
    NYU Law Student Is Making Ruth Bader Ginsburg a MemeThe Tumblrization of the Supreme Court.
  6. digital love
    Fantasy or Fun? The Rise of ‘Ideal Boyfriends’ on TumblrAnalyzing L.L. Bean Boyfriend, Bon Iver Erotica, and other hot online archetypes for the post–Tiger Beat woman.
  7. photo op
    Beyoncé Hereby Proclaims Miami Heat Star Shall Be Known As King ‘Lebon’The Queen makes a typo.
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Tumblr’s Jen Pelka Previews Qui in Austin, Throws Excellent-Sounding“Avocado is the new pork fat.”
  9. party chat
    Gloria Steinem Hopes Marissa Mayer Cracks Down on Tumblr PornAnd “thinspiration” posts, too.
  10. i'll tumbl for you
    Tumblr CEO David Karp Reflects on His Mega-Millions“At some point I’m going to have to learn about philanthropy.”
  11. the internet
    12 Things to Know About Tumblr’s David KarpSome fun facts about the new tech boy-king.
  12. yahoooo!
    Yahoo! Will Pay $1.1 Billion to Jump Into Tumblr’s Fountain of Youth [Updated]The announcement will likely come on Monday.
  13. white house correspondents' dinner weekend
    John Oliver Wishes the White House Would Stay Off the Internet “I think I really prefer the idea of a nineteenth-century president.”
  14. ways of seeing
    A Golden Age Mood Board Based on Spring AltuzarraInspirations from the designer’s spangled runway look.
  15. Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Mood Board of the Best and BaddestUnsettling, fascinating images inspired by the best and baddest.
  16. the internet
    Tumblr Gives Up on Paying for WordsThe blogging site is shutting down its editorial experiment.
  17. ways of seeing
    Hello, Spring: Lush, Inspiring Images of the Season to ShareIt’s really happening.
  18. ways of seeing
    Fuchsia! The Diva of the Color SpectrumSubtle, not so much.
  19. ways of seeing
    Her Majesty: Inspirations From Alexander McQueen’s Runway CollectionBritish royalty incarnate.
  20. ways of seeing
    Inspirations From Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013Get in the mood with photographs, scenes from London, origami, and more.
  21. ways of seeing
    Inspirations From the Row’s Fall CollectionLose yourself in some avant-garde imagery.
  22. ways of seeing
    All That Glitters, Inspiration for the WeekendSparkling diamonds, couture, stars, and sequins make this glittering mood board.
  23. ways of seeing
    Serene Images of Aquamarine DepthsA bright, inspiring color to kick off your weekend.
  24. ways of seeing
    Midnight Magic: Visual Candy for New Year’s EveImages of midnight that inspire a bright, bold New Year’s Eve. 
  25. ways of seeing
    Beautiful Things in Emerald, the Color for NowPantone has decided it’s the most stunning shade for spring 2013. They’re right.
  26. Jen Kirkman Is Taking a Twitter Hiatus to Get Men to Stand Up for Female […]Comedian and writer Jen Kirkman is taking a stand against gross Twitter misogynists by boycotting the social networking site, she announced […]
  27. Splitsider and Tumblr’s Dog and Pony Show: Emily Heller, Ilana Glazer, […]Splitsider and Tumblr’s Dog and Pony Show, our new monthly show with our buddies over at Tumblr, is back for its second installment this week. […]
  28. ‘Fuck I’m In My Twenties’ Is the Second Tumblr Being Made Into a TV Show […]In what’s apparently gonna be a thing that happens regularly now, NBC has become the second network this season to take a stab at adapting a […]
  29. trendiness
    Tumblr TV Shows Are the New Twitter TV ShowsFuck! I’m in My Twenties is coming.
  30. Splitsider and Tumblr’s Dog and Pony Show: Michael Che, Sara Schaefer and […]Big news! We’re teaming up with our friends over at Tumblr to present a new monthly standup show in NYC at UCB East, and the very first one is […]
  31. the bloggers
    Willow Smith Has a Fashion Blog NowSo bookmark it, or, you know, don’t.
  32. Talking with Jake Fogelnest about His New Earwolf Podcast ‘Fogelnest Files’If you like satellite radio, cheeky Twitter/Tumblr antics, and watching people yell at tweens, then you probably already know who Jake […]
  33. Five Ways Tumblr Doesn’t Prepare You To Write A Humor BookIn the modern publishing climate, there are two pathways to a humor book: Be famous or have a website. First, pull out your wallet and check […]
  34. early and awkward
    Obama Campaign Calls Paul Ryan ‘the Worst’Granted, this was on Obama’s Tumblr.
  35. cute things
    Beyoncé Updated Her Tumblr!Blue Ivy! Swings! Peppers.
  36. blog-stained wretches
    Keith Olbermann Started a Sad Tumblr of SunsetsHe used to be a photographer, apparently.
  37. tumblr
    Watch ‘Tumblr: The Musical’“Ponies, memes, and Dr. Who!”
  38. tumblr
    Listen to an Extensive Ode to TumblrPlease reblog.
  39. amy poehler
    Watch Amy Poehler Answer Questions From Tumblr UsersThe Internet asks good questions, as it turns out.
  40. celebrity googly eyes
    Read a Blog Filled With Celebrity Googly EyesGolf claps, Internet.
  41. Awesome: Movie References in ‘The Simpsons’ in Animated GIF FormIf you like The Simpsons — which I assume you do if you are reading this website — you are going to want to check out/follow Movie […]
  42. the internet
    Tumblr Comes Around on Taking AdsFounder David Karp changed his mind.
  43. blog-stained wretches
    The Daily What Founder Neetzan Zimmerman Grows Out of Memes, Moves to GawkerA mostly anonymous blogging star comes forward.
  44. Left Handed Radio: ‘Forget Everything You Knew About Lasagna’On this live episode: A pilot has an action-movie name, Stacey the dog found a weapon, Robert Keller sings a song about his real passion in […]
  45. blog-stained wretches
    Tumblr Will No Longer Allow Pro-Anorexia BlogsOr any kind of “pro-self-harm” stuff.
  46. the internet
    Tumblr Hires People to Write About TumblrTumblr will look within for news.
  47. fonts
    Visit Comic Sans Project, a Blog That Reimagines Logos With the Worst FontWhat if all the famous logos were designed by the computer illiterate?
  48. taking a tumble
    Rich Tong Is Reportedly Leaving TumblrAccording to sources within the company.
  49. blogs
    The Obama 2012 Campaign Tumblr Is HereFeel free to re-blog.
  50. occupy wall street
    Some of the ‘53 Percent’ Are Apparently Unaware That They Are Actually the 47 PercentThis seems to undermine the movement a little bit.
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