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  1. labor
    Now We Can’t Eat Nutella AnymoreA damning New York Times investigation sheds a light on Turkey’s exploitative hazelnut industry.
  2. food labor
    What You Need to Know About This Troubling New Hazelnut ReportYour Nutella comes at the expense of exploited Syrian refugees.
  3. nba
    Enes Kanter Is the Man in the MiddleThe Turkish basketball player is hoping to anchor the playoff-bound Portland Trail Blazers at center. But his most important role is off the court.
  4. international intrigue
    Report: Khashoggi’s Body Incinerated in Oven at Saudi Envoy’s HomeOnce believed to have been dissolved in acid, the body of the Saudi dissident is now thought to have been burned.
  5. authoritarianism
    Turkey Reportedly Seeks Arrest Warrant for Knicks Center Enes KanterKanter says he fears he’ll be extradited or even killed for criticizing Erdogan and backing Fethullah Gulen, an exiled cleric living in Pennsylvania.
  6. Why Turkeys Explode and How to Prevent ItDon’t put yourself in danger this Thanksgiving.
  7. thought experiment
    Would You Eat a Hot Cheetos Turkey?It’s an interesting question.
  8. thanksgiving
    Will Your Family Still Love You If You Brine Your Thanksgiving Turkey This Year?The war against the wet-brine hits the mainstream.
  9. foreign interests
    Trump May Let Turkey Kill U.S. Resident to Help Saudis Who Killed U.S. ResidentErdogan won’t lay off Riyadh for killing Khashoggi — so Trump might send him a legal U.S. immigrant whom the Turkish leader wants to behead.
  10. food safety
    What to Know About the Salmonella Outbreak Affecting TurkeyJust in time for Thanksgiving.
  11. global politics
    Erdogan Seized on Khashoggi Murder in Hopes of Humiliating His Saudi RivalThe Turkish president drew the world’s attention with continual leaks, aiming to expose MBS as a brute and turn the world against Saudi Arabia.
  12. international affairs
    Pressure Builds on Saudi Arabia, But Will Trump Continue to Get Played?Trump has vowed to severely punish the Saudis if they killed Jamal Khashoggi, but that punishment seems likely to include selling them more arms.
  13. international affairs
    Report: The U.S. Intercepted Saudi Communications About Capturing KhashoggiSaudi Arabia’s continued denials of killing the dissident journalist are not holding up.
  14. international affairs
    Everything We Know About the Disappearance and Alleged Murder of Jamal KhashoggiTurkey has alleged that the Washington Post journalist was murdered by the Saudi regime, but it’s not yet clear what has happened.
  15. the dish
    The Structural Ingenuity of Existing Conditions’ Turkey ClubJapanese milk bread and meat glue help to curb the sandwich’s inherent messiness.
  16. foreign affairs
    Turkey’s Economy Is on a Collision Course With Reality, & It’s Not Trump’s FaultErdogan’s easy money policy bought him his popularity, but his reluctance to shore up his currency could tank the Turkish economy.
  17. president trump
    Why Trump’s Turkey Tariffs Are Worrying InvestorsTrump just suggested that any country whose currency falls against the dollar is a fair target for sanctions, no matter the cause of depreciation.
  18. food fight
    Country of Sweden Admits It Stole Swedish Meatballs From TurkeyIs nothing sacred?
  19. summer travel
    16 Obscure-ish Islands for Mostly Middle-of-Nowhere VacationingSwim amid the mangrove trees in Thailand, scoot through coastal vineyards in Turkey — or do nothing at all.
  20. Turkey Says White House Is Lying About Trump’s Call With ErdoganA White House readout suggests Trump chewed out Erdogan. Turkey says different.
  21. foreign affairs
    America’s Role in Syria Just Got a Lot More ComplicatedISIS may be in full retreat, but two key U.S. allies are now fighting each other.
  22. select all
    Turkish Hackers Are Targeting Former Fox News PersonalitiesThe world is, as they say, bigger than five.
  23. Turkish Authorities Want to Lock Up Knicks’ Enes Kanter for Insulting ErdoganThe 25-year-old big man is a longtime critic of the Turkish president.
  24. Trump Finds White House Happiness at Turkey PardonThe empty spectacle of setting birds free seemed to be the rare presidential duty that Trump can actually enjoy.
  25. select all
    White House Asks Twitter to Decide Which Turkey It Should PardonWishbone the turkey enjoys country music, while Drumstick prefers classic rock.
  26. Flynn Kidnapping Plot Is Like Teapot Dome With a Dash of TreasonThat a presidential national security adviser might have sold his influence to a foreign government so quickly and cheaply is a very big deal.
  27. the law
    Mueller Seems to Be Closing in on Flynn — and the Indictments Could Be ExplosiveReports of a $15 million kidnapping plot have only raised the stakes of the investigation for the Trump White House.
  28. foreign policy
    U.S. and Turkey Mutually Suspend Visa Services Over Diplomatic DisputeTurkish authorities arrested a U.S. consulate employee last week for alleged ties to cleric Fethullah Gulen.
  29. Syrian-American Journalist and Her Mother Murdered in TurkeyHalla and Orouba Barakat were well-known activists working against the Assad regime.
  30. international affairs
    Erdogan’s Guards Indicted for Attacking Protesters During D.C. VisitTwo civilians have been arrested but the Turkish security officials have already left the country.
  31. russia investigation
    Mueller Investigation Requests Flynn Documents From White HouseInvestigators now appear to be looking for evidence that Flynn committed a specific crime.
  32. Erdogan Guards Will Face Charges for Beating D.C. ProtestersBut Turkey probably isn’t going to extradite them.
  33. Mike Flynn’s Firm Made a Pro-Erdogan Propaganda Film While He Advised TrumpThe firm also attempted to hide its role in the film, which constituted the bulk of work it did on behalf of Turkey’s government.
  34. New Video Appears to Show Turkish President Watching Protesters ClashHe gets out of his car as the skirmish, which included members of his security detail, is unfolding.
  35. Erdogan Guards Involved in Brawl During Protest Outside Turkish Embassy in D.C.The State Department said it was “concerned” about the violent incident that happened while Trump hosted the Turkish president on Tuesday.
  36. Trump Welcomes Turkish President Erdogan, Repeatedly Mispronounces His NameErdogan congratulated Trump on his “legendary” election triumph.
  37. Flynn Likely Broke Law in Accepting Russian Payments, Lawmakers SayBut the White House says it is “unable” to provide the House Oversight Committee with documents on payments Flynn accepted from foreign governments.
  38. Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Referendum That Gave Him Vast New PowersInternational election observers question the validity of the vote.
  39. select all
    Salt Bae Casts Meme-y Vote in Election Over Authoritarian Turkish RuleAdd a little pinch of … electoral participation.
  40. international affairs
    Erdoğan Declares Victory in Referendum Granting Him Vast New Powers Over TurkeyVoters in Turkey narrowly approved enormous changes to the country’s government, though opposition parties are contesting the results.
  41. Rudy Giuliani Helping to Defend Gold Dealer Accused of Violating Iran SanctionsAnother Trump ally is also on the case.
  42. select all
    Third-Party App Hacks Hundreds of Twitter Accounts, Makes Them Tweet SwastikasHack victims include Duke University and Forbes.
  43. international affairs
    So, Lindsay Lohan Had a Meeting With the President of TurkeyRegarding Syrian refugees.
  44. ‘Salt Bae’ Is Bringing His Sexiness to New British and American SteakhousesHis sexy seasoning caught the world’s attention, and so will his restaurant chain.
  45. ISIS Calls Istanbul Shooter a ‘Heroic Soldier’ As Manhunt ContinuesPolice have arrested eight in connection with the attack but the shooter is not among them.
  46. awful things
    Istanbul Nightclub Attack Kills 39, Gunman Still at LargeA lone attacker opened fire inside an affluent club a little more than an hour after partygoers had celebrated the new year.
  47. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Fatally ShotThe lone gunman was reportedly an off-duty police officer.
  48. This Region of Turkey Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Another PlanetYou can even take a hot-air balloon ride over the cities.
  49. international affairs
    Kurdish Militants Claim Responsibility for Deadly Twin Bombings in IstanbulThe attack killed 38 people, including 31 police officers, and injured more than 160.
  50. pig out
    At Least Thanksgiving Dinner Will Be Cheaper This YearThe prices of turkey and other holiday staples have dropped, which means more money for wine!
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