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Tv Stained Wretches

  1. Larry King Wants No Part of U.S.–Russian Media WarTo my knowledge, they’ve never edited a show,” he says.
  2. Russia Today Anchor Quits On-Air in ProtestAfter a colleague criticized Russia on-air.
  3. MSNBC Map Reestablishes CzechoslovakiaTime for an update.
  4. Tom Brokaw Has CancerHe’s optimistic.
  5. MSNBC Hosts Are Varying Degrees of Sorry for Romney Baby JokesThank goodness for open bars tonight.
  6. 60 Minutes Offers Brief Apology for Retracted Benghazi StoryExpected to be the show’s final word on the issue.
  7. Anthony Weiner Tries on Punditry at NY1, Finds a Comfortable FitHe looked good out there.
  8. Assad Led Stephanopoulos on a Wild Goose ChaseBut he did manage to land an Obama interview.
  9. Katie Couric May Be The View’s New Barbara WaltersAs her talk show’s days are numbered.
  10. Barbara Walters Plans to Retire Next Summer, for RealShe’ll make it official on The View Monday.
  11. News Anchor’s First On-Air Words Are Some of the SaltiestIt was a fun job while it lasted.
  12. Matt Lauer Is Getting Today Drama All Over Anderson CooperLauer called Cooper to “express his disapproval” after NBC approached him.
  13. History Channel’s ‘Satan’ Looks Strangely FamiliarObama-as-Satan is this year’s Bush head on a pike.
  14. Rep. Keith Ellison Yells at Sean Hannity for Six MinutesOne is a cable talking head, the other a congressman.
  15. Fox Is Finished With Dick ‘Exactly Wrong’ MorrisBut he’s not finished with cable news.
  16. Dan Rather Scolds New Media for Caring About His ‘Watermelons’ CommentsWe hadn’t realized that Rather’s comments were the Internet’s fault.
  17. Dan Rather Says Something That Sounds Kind of RacistOh, Dan Rather, what mess have you gotten yourself into now?