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Ron Swanson’s First Wife: Oprah?

On Parks and Rec, we've met Tammy #2, Ron Swanson's second wife, a couple of times. Played memorably by Nick Offerman's actual wife, Megan Mullalley, she's an amazing character and it's always great to witness the whirlwind of destruction that [...]

By Adam Frucci

Talking to Parks and Rec’s Harris Wittels

Jewcy has a nice interview with Harris Wittels, writer for Parks and Rec and creator of @humblebrag. Here he is on the positive vibes that Parks and Rec have been throwing off lately: "I attribute it to Mike Schur, who is sickeningly positive [...]

By Adam Frucci

Dan Harmon Walks You Through Season Two of Community

Attention, Community superfans: Dan Harmon did an insanely detailed interview with The AV Club in which he walked through every single episode of the second season. It's like director's commentary, but you read it! Part one is up now, so go [...]

By Adam Frucci

Abed Predicts the Emmy Comedy Winners With a Little Help from ABBA

If anyone would have some very strong opinion about potential Emmy winners, Community's Abed Nadir would be it. Citing the time-tested ABBA pattern of Emmy picks, Abed is able to calculate the Best Comedy winner, at least in a year of sub-par [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Stephen Colbert Buys Us a Ticket for Paul Revere’s Wild Ride

I, like most Americans, only believe in historical events if I can see them with my own eyes, peering out of the smudged glass of a violently shaking time machine, or if I read about them on Wikipedia. After nut bars changed the Paul Revere's [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The TV Comedy Showrunners Roundtable

Have an hour to spare? You should check out The Hollywood Reporter's comedy showrunners roundtable! Featuring Community's Dan Harmon, Modern Family's Steve Levitan, The Big C's Jenny Bicks, Big Bang Theory's Bill Prady, Nurse Jackie's Liz [...]

By Adam Frucci