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Tom Cruise's New Movie Flops on ‘Entertainment Tonight’

Led by Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood, the movie industry is buzzing over Tom Cruise's first film for the newly relaunched United Artists, Lions for Lambs, a political thriller coming out in November. Starring Cruise, Meryl Streep, and Robert Redford, and directed by Redford, the movie — about the Stateside debate caused by the wounding of two Army Rangers behind enemy lines in Afghanistan — certainly has pedigree and brains to spare. So why did Cruise and UA's publicity machine debut the film's teaser on Entertainment Tonight, where the full ET synthesizer-and-voice-over treatment makes it seem totally stupid?

CableVerse: The Brutal Minimalism of the National Geographic Channel

“Poetry is what gets lost in translation,” wrote Robert Frost. We think Frost would adore the plot synopses on Time Warner Digital Cable's listings pages. In the spirit of TimesCouplets, we present CableVerse, the found poetry of the cable listings. Today, blunt environmental micropoetry, from June 22's listings on channel 65, the National Geographic Channel.

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The Puerto Rican Edition

As axed contestant (good-bye, Faina) after axed contestant (so long, Jimmy) proclaims how memorable, how life-changing, how important his short time on So You Think You Can Dance has been, you start to wonder how much of the canned responses are scripted in advance.

Tre From ‘Top Chef’ Lets Texas Down; Momofuku Ko Still On for Fall

Some Texans aren’t happy about the Lone Star State’s Tre Wilcox losing the barbecue challenge on Top Chef: “The fact a Texan didn't finish in the top three in a barbecue challenge is, alas, troubling and disappointing.” [Dallas Observer] Related: Adam Platt Is Willing to Bet Against Howie on ‘Top Chef’ [Grub Street] David Chang, looking for an assistant, is aiming for a fall opening of Momofuku Ko. [Eat for Victory/VV] Related: David Chang Going Upscale — Again [Grub Street] A new blog about Latin food in New York, Nueva York Guide, just launched. It was created by two undisputed experts, Carolina Gonzalez and Seth Kugel, who wrote the book on the subject. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Critics Love to Love ‘The Closer’

Kyra Sedgwick's hit police drama returned to television this week for a third season, easily cajoling its way its way up to number one in its time slot. That's no new achievement for the show, which has consistently drawn raves from audiences and reviewers alike

Good Night Mooney, Good Night Coordinated Buttocks

Last night on the freak show America's Got Talent, we saw the advancement of a female beat-boxer named Butterscotch, a teary-eyed white reggae singer, and a magician who turned a dummy into a midget.

‘John From Cincinnati’: Behold the Magic Bird!

The second episode of David Milch’s John From Cincinnati continues to announce the show's deep ambitions — and alienate plot-hungry 24 fans everywhere. Disregarding anything like suspense, John creates an eerie, foreboding air that's more like DeLillo’s “Airborne Toxic Event” from White Noise than 24's season-five threat.

The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Back Already?

Hey, Entourage: Back so soon? Just two weeks after wrapping up season three, the show rushes back to fill the post-Sopranos vacuum. We rejoin the gang in the jungles of Colombia, where they and director/irritant extraordinaire Billy Walsh are finally, finally filming Medellin.

Was Tony Soprano Killed by Vitamin C?

The Tony is Dead contingent has reason to rejoice, because it seems the answer to The Sopranos finale lies in the mob boss's diet — and it has nothing to do with those onion rings. The (our?) theory, which is also bouncing around the comments sections of TV gossip sites, goes something like this.