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‘Hidden Palms,’ We Hardly Knew Ya

In the last ever episode of Hidden Palms, we finally learn who killed Eddie — a heretofore unsolved mystery that had very few viewers on the edge of their seats. The CW managed to pack about eight episodes' worth of material into the hasty wrap-up of the doomed teen soap. Here's how it all shook out.

‘Top Chef’ Open Call to Be Held in Soho

Astoria: French-Asian restaurant Bistro 33 serves beer, wine, sake, and cocktails now that its liquor license has gone through. [Joey in Astoria] Boerum Hill: Smith Street may be getting a McDonald’s. [Curbed] Financial District: For $10, you can add an illegal lap dance to your lunch at Cordato’s Deli. [WCBSTV] Hell’s Kitchen: Port Authority’s 7-Eleven has transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart for the remainder of July to promote the new Simpsons movie and is even selling Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla Squishees and KrustyO’s cereal. [7-Eleven] Soho: Pinkberry open at 41 Spring Street! [Eater] Open call for the next season Top Chef will be held at the French Culinary Institute on July 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. [Bravo]

‘John From Cincinnati’: The Problem With Cass

In our John From Cincinnati daydreams, the show is a perfectly calibrated mix of memorable characters engaging in entertainingly streetwise banter to express their thoughts about the supernatural events complicating an epic family drama.

We Cannot Believe We Continue to Watch ‘Entourage’

So we were sitting there around 10:30 last night, more or less hating ourselves for just having spent a half-hour of our life watching Entourage. Had it always been this obnoxious? Did we just earlier not notice because we needed the comedown from The Sopranos, needed a half-hour of self-impressed vacuousness in which we could decompress? Or was it newly, differently bad lately, specifically last night? Good thing, then, we've got Vulture and its Entourage Guilt/Pleasure Index. Adam Sternbergh examines last night's installment — including, as he points out, the most unpleasant mental image ever conjured by a television show — and declares the episode almost entirely guilty. Good to know it's not just us. The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Turtle Gets a What? [Vulture]

The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Turtle Gets a What?

Remember how Vince selling his house and shuffling everyone out into the streets was going to shake up the foundations of this show? Yeah, not so much. It's business as usual as the boys crowd into Drama's condo and resume their familiar antics: Drama blusters, Turtle smirks, E frets, and Vince does whatever it is that defines his character, along with occasionally batting his eyelashes. No wonder this is the one show we can't stop watching–slash–can't stop hating ourselves for watching!

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Jessi Should Have Stayed In the ICU

After that dreadful Lion King ripoff at the beginning of last night's So You Think You Can Dance, we Googled choreographer Tyce D’Orio to see what relevant credits, if any, he has to qualify him for creating “Broadway-style” routines. We found Tyce had a single credit on the Great White Way: He was an associate choreographer on the flop Beach Boys musical Good Vibrations. Enough said.

CableVerse: The Drama of the CW

Today, seven listings from the evening and late-night lineup of the CW11, the evening of June 28, combine to form a dramatic micro-narrative of love, danger, and betrayal.

‘Hidden Palms’: Eddie's Mom Has Got It Going On

Lots of stuff happened during the two fun-filled hours of last night's Hidden Palms, though in the end, things aren't any clearer than when this "whole night event!" started. Can't wait for next week's series finale, when we'll finally learn who really killed Eddie. And we care. No, really, we do.

Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently

"It's hard enough to deal with the actors when I'm acting with them." —Denis Leary, on why he didn't tell Rescue Me star Jerry Reilly of his character's pending demise [TV Guide]

Vulture's First and Only Post Dedicated to the Paris Hilton Saga

Perhaps you heard? Paris is out of jail, and she's capitalizing on the moment by asserting her saintly desires to do everything short of joining a nunnery. And though she's not an actress, singer, or possessor of any kind of evident creative talent (despite her camp's claims to the contrary), you can be excused for having at least a vague interest in the frenetic media goings-on regarding her release.

We'll Always Have Paris

Thought we'd forgotten something? Oh, no. Not at all. We're as excited as you are for tonight's clash of titans: the Paris Hilton–Larry King interview. (A brief aside: Perhaps our favorite pairing of sentences to have ever appeared in an American newspaper comes from Larry King's now-defunct USA Today column. "You'd have to go far to find a worse airport than New York's LaGuardia," he wrote on April 16, 2001. "Do I eat meat in Paris or London?" Indeed.) Who will be more nonsensically vacuous? Find out tonight when the Fug Girls live-blog the Thrillio in a Studio, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern. Right here at Daily Intel. Stay tuned.

Landmarc Steals More Stars; Mercat Earns First Kudos

Frank Bruni inexplicably grants a star to a restaurant with zero ambience, overdone pastas, “tame entrées,” and a “loud” room that’s “dreary at night.” Which is what Adam Platt and everybody else said about Landmarc TWC, though without granting a star for the accomplishment. [NYT] Related: Off the Mark [NYM] Landmarc somehow coaxed three of six stars out of Randall Lane, despite comparable comments on uneven food and a room filled with rebars. The wine list seems to have been the saving grace. [TONY] Mobbed Mercat gets the Paul Adams seal of approval, its first major positive review, which compares it favorably to Boqueria and praises it for special authenticity. Only the desserts are denied praise, and at that point in the review, it hardly matters. [NYS]

‘The Closer’: Mummy Arms and Whipped Cream

Last week’s premiere of The Closer kicked off the season with a triple-homicide bang and a jarring new handheld shooting style. They’ve thankfully ditched the technique this time around, so we’re brought back into the regular swing of things — which in Priority Murder Squad deputy chief Brenda Johnson’s nervous, fluttery world includes the discovery by construction workers of a mummified corpse, the presumed murder victim of a gangbanger turned politico who’s in cahoots with a corrupt preacher-man. Whew! This is truly the stuff of which gripping police procedurals are made.