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  1. the urbanist: dubai
    The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Dubai, According to LocalsA proper haul includes Arabian incense, camel-milk chocolate, and a made-in-the-UAE sandboard.
  2. the urbanist: dubai
    The Best Day Trips From Dubai: Sharjah, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and MoreWhen you need a change of scenery, visit the cultural capital of the UAE, snorkel with turtles, or ride the world’s longest zip line.
  3. the urbanist: dubai
    The Bottoms-up, Balls-out Thrill Seeker’s Guide to DubaiSkydiving, dirt biking, and other ways to terrify your mother.
  4. the urbanist: dubai
    The Best Shopping in Dubai, According to a Fashion DirectorExpect luxury out the wazoo at the world’s biggest mall, but also bohemian ceramics and collectible sneakers.
  5. the urbanist: dubai
    Where the Locals Would Stay in Dubai If They Weren’t LocalCue the art-stuffed rooms, glass-paneled pools, and dynamite rooftop lounges.
  6. the urbanist: dubai
    Week 8: Everything You Think You Know About Dubai Is WrongThe UAE’s most populous city shines in luxury and opulence. But it’s also wildly diverse and ripe with possibility.
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    Woman Who Stabbed American Teacher Was a Lone WolfAccording to Emirati authorities.
  8. revolt like an egyptian
    Graphic Video of Police Shooting a Protester in Bahrain Face-to-FaceThey may have been using tear gas guns.
  9. the urbanist: dubai
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting DubaiOur list includes the first Emirati feature film, poetry about the Arab female experience, and the Instagram account of a billionaire crown prince.
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    Dubai After Dark: The Perfect Night Out for Every PersonalityWhatever your jam — a dive-y bowling alley, a swanky sushi bar, a beach club where bikini girls ride inflatable swans — this city delivers.
  11. the urbanist: dubai
    The Best of Both Worlds: Dubai’s High and Low Food SpotsThere’s more to the city’s dining scene than Gordon Ramsay and Salt Bae.
  12. the urbanist: dubai
    The Skeptic’s Guide to Art and Culture in Dubai (Yes, It Exists)From galleries tucked inside budget hotels to compelling street art, here’s where the resident culturati get their fix.
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    Worthwhile Alternatives to Dubai’s Most Popular SightsBurj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, and the Dubai Museum are fantastic — but they’re also swarming with tourists.
  14. the urbanist: dubai
    How to Live Like a Sheikh in Dubai (For a Day, Anyway)When it comes to the finer pleasures in life, this city is second to none.