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Ugly Betty Recap: Gaga No-Go

Stefani Germanotta didn't cameo during last night's long-awaited return, but her name popped up to forward a few key plotlines.

By Caryn Ganz

Ugly Betty: Lights Out

"I hate being in the middle. Unless there's a Gyllenhaal involved."

By Caryn Ganz

Ugly Betty: Do Over, and Over ...

Why, at the season's halfway point, did the show decide to half-ass a crucial episode — only its second in its new time slot?

By Caryn Ganz

Ugly Betty: The Swimsuit Issue

The new 'Betty' is slashing and burning dramatic arcs, slaying and birthing relationships, and accelerating Betty's beautification and maturation.

By Caryn Ganz

Ugly Betty: Mom Genes

The specters of dead or absent parents dominate this episode.

By Caryn Ganz

Ugly Betty: Better Betty

She's not the only character undergoing a massive transformation during what's shaping up to be one of the series' most thought-provoking seasons yet.

By Caryn Ganz

ABC Burns Eastwick

ABC has decided not to order additional episodes of Updike-besmirching witch-drama 'Eastwick.'

By Lane Brown