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  1. investigations
    What Exactly Did Paul Manafort Do to Earn That $66 Million?He averted a trial, and with it, the chance for the public to learn more about the most suspicious parts of his long and shady résumé.
  2. Manafort’s Expensive Suits Were the Talk of the Courtroom TodayTrump’s former campaign manager spent at least $1.26 million on clothes in a span of four years.
  3. ‘Murdered’ Russian Journalist Shows Up Alive at Press ConferenceUkraine’s security service helped Arkady Babchenko fake his death so they could catch his would-be assassin, officials said Wednesday.
  4. BBC: Ukraine Paid Michael Cohen to Set Up Meeting With TrumpUkrainian president Petro Poroshenko could only get a photo-up with Trump. That’s when he called in Trump’s lawyer.
  5. Before It Stopped Cooperating With Mueller, Ukraine Hired GOP Lobbyists. Hmm.America’s Worst Columnist makes an appearance in this scandal!
  6. Mueller Scrutinizing Ukrainian Magnate’s $150,000 Gift to Trump’s CharityIn the fall of 2015, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk gave $150,000 to Trump’s “charity” as compensation for a 20-minute speech.
  7. Trump: Putin Can Help Solve America’s Problem With ‘Ukraine’Trump says he congratulated Putin for winning a sham election because Russia “can help solve problems” with “Ukraine” and “the coming Arms Race.”
  8. Ukraine Is Proving Key to the DNC Hack InvestigationOne hacker whose code was used is speaking with authorities.
  9. security threats
    Ukraine Bans Steven Seagal for Being Threat to National SecuritySeagal was recently granted Russian citizenship.
  10. Tillerson Asks Diplomats Why Americans Should Care About UkraineThe offhand remark stirred confusion, since the secretary recently said Russian sanctions would remain in place.
  11. Tillerson: Sanctions Will Remain Until Russia Leaves Ukraine“We do not, and will not, accept Russian efforts to change the borders of territory of Ukraine.”
  12. Report: Trump’s Lawyer Involved With Secret Plan to Lift Russian SanctionsThe other two people involved with the plan were a pro-Putin Ukrainian lawmaker and a Trump business associate with links to the mafia.
  13. MH17 Was Shot Down by a Russian Missile, Say InvestigatorsThe Dutch-led team confirmed what most had already suspected.
  14. Report: Paul Manafort Helped Ukraine Lobby American Lawmakers in SecretTrump’s campaign chairman allegedly helped a pro-Putin party covertly lobby Congress — with the help of a firm founded by Clinton’s campaign chairman.
  15. international affairs
    Russia May Be Preparing New Offensive in UkraineAfter a summer of escalating violence, tensions in the region are now the highest they’ve been since Putin annexed Crimea in 2014.
  16. Russian PM Suggests That Cold War II Is Already Under WaySometimes I wonder if it’s 2016 or if we live in 1962.”
  17. Confirmed: A Russian-Made Warhead Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17But nobody’s saying Russia itself pulled the trigger.
  18. Leaders Agree on Another Cease-fire for UkraineIt was announced by international leaders on Thursday.
  19. John Kerry Shares Some Real Talk on Russia’s Involvement in UkraineSomething about “continued aggression.”
  20. U.S. Mulls Arming Ukraine Against Pro-Russia SeparatistsSince Russia appears to be escalating the conflict.
  21. New Video Shows Immediate Aftermath of MH17 Crash Meanwhile, Dutch investigators are finally removing the wreckage from Ukraine.
  22. NATO Says Russian Troops Are in Ukraine (Again)Russia says they’re imagining things.
  23. Well, That ‘Cease-fire’ in Ukraine Sure Seems Short-LivedMore troops in eastern Ukraine, please!
  24. Gas Deal Means Ukraine Won’t Freeze This WinterPhew.
  25. 3 Things to Know About Ukraine’s ElectionsIt’s not getting any easier.
  26. Massive Explosion in Ukraine Said to Be Donetsk Chemical FactoryThey’ve seen it all.
  27. Breakaway Ukraine’s Culture Minister Wants a Cartoonist Killed by Firing SquadIn Russian, death by firing squad is all one neat word.
  28. Russia Is Building a Pro-Russia Theme Park in CrimeaIt will be the biggest amusement park in all the land.
  29. Protesters Topple Ukraine’s Largest Lenin StatueAnd break off bits for souvenirs.
  30. Ukrainian President Asks for Military AidWell, that’s one way to get attention.
  31. Dutch MH17 Report Confirms What We’ve Known All AlongThe findings suggest a missile hit the plane.
  32. There’s a Cease-fire in East Ukraine, But Obama’s SkepticalIt may be over by the time you finish reading this post.
  33. There May Be a Cease-fire in Ukraine TomorrowBut if we’ve learned anything from the past five months, it’s that things change overnight.
  34. This Is Putin’s East Ukraine ‘Peace Plan’No one is surprised by how it looks.
  35. Putin Compares Ukraine to Nazi GermanyBut guys, they took Crimea democratically!
  36. Russia Denies Troops in Ukraine, Despite PhotosThousands of Russians are apparently fighting across the border.
  37. Russia Is Opening Another Front Against UkraineRemember that glimmer of hope from yesterday? Yeah, no.
  38. Putin, Poroshenko at Least Making It Look Like They Don’t Want WarA Putin, a Poroshenko, and an Ashton land in Belarus …
  39. Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’ And Ukraine calls it a “direct provocation.”
  40. The American Who Died Fighting Against Ukraine’s Pro-Russian RebelsMark Gregory Paslawsky was a 55-year-old West Point graduate.
  41. Pro-Russia Rebels Get Racist Over FergusonThat’s always the appropriate response, right?
  42. Ukraine Says It’s Destroying Russia’s Military VehiclesInternational journalists reported a column of them crossing into the country last night.
  43. Russia’s Aid Convoy Apparently Was a Trojan Horse After AllUnless you consider armored personnel carriers foodstuffs.
  44. The Nation’s Stephen F. Cohen Denies Existence of UkraineWorld’s craziest Russia analyst? Or world’s worst Risk player?
  45. Ukraine and Russia Are Careening Toward WarTensions are still flaring on both sides.
  46. Search for Remains at MH17 Crash Site Suspended Over Safety ConcernsJust as Russia places more troops at the Ukraine border.
  47. Land Mines Are Keeping Investigators From MH17 Crash SiteYet another obstacle.
  48. Pro-Russia Rebels Finally Admit They Had a Buk MissileWherever did it come from?
  49. Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukrainian Fighter JetsAs fighting intensifies in the region.
  50. Russia Not ‘Directly’ Responsible for Shooting Down MH17It simply “created the conditions” to allow a passenger jet to be hit by a missile.
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