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  1. micro sales
    A Bunch of Non-boring ShedRain Umbrellas Are 67 Percent OffThey’re just $15.
  2. dangers
    People Keep Getting Impaled by Beach UmbrellasWhat is happening??
  3. this thing's incredible
    The Best Beach Umbrella Is a World War II–Era Beach UmbrellaThis thing is indestructible.
  4. people's choice
    The 16 Best Umbrellas You Can Buy on Amazon, According to Enthusiastic Reviewers“I believe this was the same umbrella that granted Mary Poppins the magic of flight.”
  5. the best. really.
    The Best Umbrellas, According to SeattleitesIncluding black umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, even reversible umbrellas.
  6. Umbrella-Share Start-up: Please Stop Stealing Our UmbrellasAlmost all of the initial 300,000 umbrellas have disappeared in just a few weeks.
  7. the strategist
    The Best Umbrella Is a Lopsided Dutch UmbrellaIts odd shape is the key.
  8. 17 Pieces to Help You Deal With Spring StormsWaterproof coats and sturdy umbrellas are key.
  9. 10 Images From the End of Hong Kong’s Protest MovementAfter 75 days.
  10. it will rain
    10 Ways to Deal With Surprise Summer RainstormsShort rain boots, packable ponchos, and purse-friendly umbrellas are just a few solutions.
  11. Frequently Asked Questions About President Obama’s Umbrella MarinesWho are they, and why were they holding umbrellas?
  12. best bets
    Best Bet: Madewell Rainy Day UmbrellaUpgrade from the dinky drug store umbrella for a sturdy, cheerier version.
  13. photo op
    President Obama Needs a Better Umbrella HolderThe guy he has now isn’t cutting it.
  14. Muammar Qaddafi Surfaces, Umbrella IntactFor a 22-second speech.
  15. New York City Under Tornado WatchHail is expected. Awesome.
  16. best bets
    Best Bet: Clear SkiesThis clear umbrella not only keeps you dry, but also allows you to actually see where you’re going.
  17. video look book
    Brett Berg Cuts His Umbrellas, Thinks Aliens Are Upon UsHe also cuts up his clothes and safety-pins fabric to himself. Fun, right?