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Unfriendly Skies

  1. Passenger Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Somalia After Onboard ExplosionSome believe it was a bomb.
  2. Customs Computer Crash Causes Airport Delays NationwidePassengers had to be checked against terror watch lists via “alternate methods.”
  3. unfriendly skies
    Plane Bursts Into Flames During Takeoff in Las VegasTwo people suffered minor injuries.
  4. After Failing 95 Percent of Airport Security Tests, TSA Gets a New DirectorIn 67 out of 70 tests, undercover agents were able to get weapons and fake bombs past screeners.
  5. Second Flight Diverted This Week Due to Fight Over Seat ReclineThe Knee Defender wasn’t involved.
  6. Fliers Booted From Plane After Brawling Over Seat ReclineThey got all the legroom they wanted, and then some.
  7. TSA Cracks Down on Uncharged Electronic DevicesForgetting your phone charger just got even worse.
  8. Plane Evacuated After Botched Takeoff in PhiladelphiaResulting in no injuries, one epic selfie.
  9. F-16s Stayed Busy Over Manhattan, Shooing Planes Away From U.N.So that’s what that noise was.
  10. Pilots in Hard LaGuardia Landing Juggled Controls at the Last MinuteSounds hectic.
  11. Jet in LaGuardia Crash Landed Nose First, Causing Gear to SnapThe plane tipped down at the last second.
  12. Southwest Plane’s Landing Gear Collapses on LaGuardia Runway [Updated]A front wheel “popped off.”
  13. Senate Passes FAA Furlough-Aversion BillBorrows from airport improvement funds to keep air-traffic controllers at work.
  14. TSA Isn’t Giving Sequester-Afflicted Travelers a BreakYou still can’t bring knives on planes.
  15. Laser Pointer Temporarily Blinds JFK-Bound JetBlue PilotThe first officer was hospitalized for injuries.