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Unhappy Endings

  1. unhappy endings
    Watch a Teaser for the Final Season of GirlsThe gang’s all (reluctantly) here.
  2. unhappy endings
    Keira Knightley: Typecast for SadnessNever let me go for the dangerous method, Anna.
  3. unhappy endings
    Why One Day’s Twist Ending Suffers From The Killing DiseaseIn a post-’Sopranos’ world, “unexpected” has become a shortcut to attempted classiness.
  4. unhappy endings
    Former IBM Executive Realizes He Was ‘Played’ by Galleon MistressHe gave her inside information based on “a misguided desire to appear important and knowledgeable.”
  5. the goreacle
    National Enquirer Finds Two More Gore-Harassed MasseusesMaybe try acupuncture instead.
  6. unhappy endings
    Severed: Ivana Trump and Rossano RubicondiAfter eight months of marriage, Ivana Trump, 59, and Rossano Rubicondi, 35, have ended what many saw as a beautiful partnership.