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  1. Former U.N. Chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dead at 93He was the first United Nations secretary-general from Africa. 
  2. united nations
    Abbas Issues Warning to Israel in U.N. Speech“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.”
  3. Here Is a Photo of Obama and Putin Taking Part in a Very Fierce Rosé ToastDiplomacy.
  4. online harassment
    The U.N.’s Cyberharassment Report Is Really BadHumans generally have a bad track record of sweeping a bunch of different behaviors into the same category.
  5. Food Waste
    The United Nations Wants to Cut Food Waste in Half by 2030It’s a very ambitious goal.
  6. rape
    U.N. Official Ousted Amid Allegations of Sex Abuse by PeacekeepersU.N. personnel have been accused in 11 cases of sexual assault and exploitation in the Central African Republic. 
  7. united nations
    U.N. Accuses Israel and Palestinian Militants of Possible War Crimes in Gaza“The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come.”
  8. climate change
    Climate-Change-Deal Negotiators Are Terrified of Congress“We know the politics in the U.S.”
  9. equal time
    UN Women Focuses Its Attention on Gender Equality in the MediaWith help from Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown, and the Cut’s own Ann Friedman.
  10. economics
    A Modest Proposal: How to Close the Gender Wage GapThe U.N. Women report has some recommendations for achieving economic gender parity. We’ve come up with a few more.
  11. Obama Set to Announce His Peer-Pressure Plan for Climate ChangeThe White House will likely seek to reduce greenhouse gases by nearly a third in the U.S. over the next ten years. 
  12. get happy
    The United Nations Released a Playlist of the World’s Happiest SongsThey snubbed Pharrell’s “Happy”!
  13. Liberia Confirms New Case of Ebola After Two Disease-Free Weeks“We will have unfortunately some periods in which our hopes are dashed at this stage in the outbreak.”
  14. crimes against humanity
    U.N. Report Accuses ISIS of Crimes Against Humanity and GenocideThe United Nations Human Rights Office calls for war-crimes trials against the Islamic State.
  15. Other Countries Now Mad About Iran Letter TooThe Republican senators who signed it aren’t too worried. 
  16. Iceland Announced a Men-Only Conference on Gender Equality at the U.N.Reddit dubs it “Footstools for Feminists.”
  17. war in the middle east
    Palestinian Leader Accuses Israel of Genocide Remember, this is the one Israel doesn’t totally hate.
  18. awesome things
    A Young Mother’s Poem at the U.N. Climate Summit Was Completely HeartbreakingShe hails from the Marshall Islands.
  19. big speeches
    What You Missed in Obama’s United Nations SpeechA catch-up guide to the president’s remarks to the General Assembly.
  20. celebrity advocacy
    Leonardo DiCaprio Takes on Climate-Change Skeptics in U.N. Speech“I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be.”
  21. celebrity activism
    Emma Watson Delivers Powerful Speech on Feminism at the U.N.“You might think, ‘Who is this Harry Potter girl? What is she doing at the U.N.?’”
  22. Vanessa Bayer Roasts Her Brother’s Band United NationsIf you’re a fan of Vanessa Bayer’s ongoing Above Average series Sound Advice, her recent appearance before a United Nations show – the band […]
  23. war in the middle east
    Israel Kills at Least 20 in Early Morning Attack on U.N. School Shelter“Where am I supposed to go?” says one of the 200,000 displaced Palestinians.
  24. international intrigue
    United Nations: ‘Strong Possibility’ of War Crimes by Both Israel and HamasThe UN will investigate, despite a vote against it by the U.S.
  25. vetoes
    Russia Won’t Let House of Cards Film in the U.N.The Kremlin has no love for Frank Underwood.
  26. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: Samantha PowerBaseball talk, kid-ferrying, and Ukraine-crisis management with America’s top diplomat.
  27. horrible things
    The Appalling Sketches of What Happens in a North Korean Prison CampThe new U.N. report includes drawings based on a victim’s memories.
  28. international news
    North Korea Seriously Is the Worst, U.N. Panel ConcludesKim Jong-un may face International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
  29. bloomberg after bloomberg
    Bloomberg Gets a Second Post-Mayor JobAt the United Nations.
  30. que syria syria
    U.N. Reaches Syria Deal, Omits ConsequencesRussia would get another chance to veto a military strike.
  31. unfriendly skies
    F-16s Stayed Busy Over Manhattan, Shooing Planes Away From U.N.So that’s what that noise was.
  32. caught on tape
    Obama Caught Joking ‘I’m Scared of My Wife’Even worse, he’s lying about his smoking habit.
  33. spy games
    The NSA Also Bugged the United Nations’ HeadquartersAccording to documents leaked by Edward Snowden to Der Spiegel.
  34. Bug Out
    8 Reasons Why Some People Think Bugs Are the Food of the FutureLemony ants, popcorn-flavored crickets, and nutty mealworms.
  35. blame it on the alcohol
    U.S. Buzzkill Wants U.N. Diplomats to Argue Budgets SoberThe tradition is to wear each other down with drink.
  36. loose threads
    Fashion Folk Get Cartoonified; Peaches Geldof Is PregnantPlus, Daphne Guinness covers Harper’s Bazaar China.
  37. Canadian Radio Duo Prank Calls U.N. ChiefFrom the guys who brought us the Sarah Palin 2008 prank call.
  38. international intrigue
    Boris Badenov Apparently Working on Iranian Nuclear ProgramBenjamin Netanyahu whipped out a diagram of a cartoon bomb at the U.N. today.
  39. international affairs
    Ahmadinejad Bored With Nuke Talk, Would Rather Discuss His ‘New World Order’Unsurprisingly, Israel won’t be included.
  40. crazy people
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrives in New York for the UN General AssemblyAnd receives a touching welcome from the Post.
  41. messin' with texas
    U.N. Offers Non-Denial Denial About Invading Texas“It’s absolutely ridiculous.”
  42. we wish we were there
    Marvel at Beyoncé’s ‘I Was Here’ VideoThat skin. That white dress. Those crying audience members.
  43. music videos
    Watch Beyoncé Perform Special ‘I Was Here’ Tribute to World Humanitarian DayAt the UN General Assembly.
  44. syrian massacre
    Russia Ships Arms to Syria Just Days After MassacreDeath toll now up to 116.
  45. nuclear iran
    U.N. Promises Nuclear Deal With Iran Coming SoonThe U.S. and Israel are not holding their breath.
  46. malthusian nightmare
    World’s Symbolic ‘7 Billionth Baby’ Wasn’t Even Born on the Right DayWhaaaaat?
  47. the national interest
    Obama’s Israel Speech Shouldn’t Surprise AnybodyObama’s international strategy is pretty much the same thing as Obama’s domestic political strategy.
  48. diplomacy
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Really Knows How to Clear a RoomHis speech prompted a mass walkout at the U.N. today.
  49. photo op
    President Obama Stuck His Hand Right in Front of This Guy’s FaceClassic.
  50. the future
    Seven Billion People, Here We ComeThe U.N. predicts that the world’s population will reach 7 billion by October, and 10 billion by 2100.
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