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V Is Back Tonight. But Why?

The ratings had been dropping, and now it's been MIA for six months. What's ABC's rationale?

By Josef Adalian

V Recap: They’re Here ... Again

The fates of Morris Chestnut, Lady Cop, Father Jack the Angsty Priest, and that Other Guy Who Looks Like Booger from 'Revenge of the Nerds.'

By Adam Sternbergh

V: Knocked Up

There's a lot at stake in this week's installment: Most episodes just have to lure you back next week. This one has to lure you back next year.

By Adam Sternbergh

V: Snakes (Still) in the Grass

Only one episode before the hiatus and we've had not a single guinea pig devoured in someone's huge, yawning maw.

By Adam Sternbergh

V: ‘Space Girls Are Funny’

After last week’s gung-ho start, Erica and Father Jack suddenly get gun-shy. Plus: video!

By Nick Catucci