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  1. food politics
    Venezuelans Are Protesting Salt Bae’s Miami SteakhouseProtests come a few days after embattled Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro ate at Salt Bae’s restaurant in Istanbul while his own citizens starve.
  2. nicolas maduro
    Report: U.S. Official Met With Rebel Venezuelans Who Wanted to Overthrow MaduroNothing ever came of the gatherings, but Venezuela’s hardline leader will likely use them to bolster his anti-American bona fides.
  3. Crackdown Feared in Venezuela After Alleged Assassination Attempt on MaduroA bizarre alleged attack on Venezuela’s president may help him consolidate even more power in the country.
  4. American Freed From Venezuelan Prison Meets With Trump in Oval OfficeJoshua Holt’s release may signify a thaw in Caracas-Washington relations.
  5. Maduro Wins Second Term in Shattered Venezuela As U.S. Promises New SanctionsThe election was marked by accusations of fraud, and most of the president’s opposition boycotted it.
  6. Venezuelan President Caught Sneaking Empanada After Speech to Starving NationPresident Nicolas Maduro might be the only person in Venezuela not losing weight.
  7. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  8. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Arepas in New YorkThe grilled corn cakes can be filled with almost anything.
  9. Trump Administration Imposes New Economic Sanctions on VenezuelaThe U.S. “will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles,” Vice-President Pence said in a tweet.
  10. Trump ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Military Option in … Venezuela?The man is completely stable.
  11. U.S. Slaps Venezuela With More Sanctions As Maduro Escalates Power GrabAllies of the Venezuelan president are swiftly cracking down on the opposition.
  12. Venezuelan Troops Quash Anti-Maduro Attack on Army BaseThe government said it was a “terrorist attack,” but the men claimed they were defending democracy via a “legitimate rebellion.”
  13. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Scoffs at ‘Emperor’ Trump’s SanctionsThe leader is defiant over his controversial vote as two opposition leaders are reportedly arrested.
  14. U.S. Sanctions Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro After Controversial VoteThe U.S. has frozen the leader’s assets, but stopped short of undertaking broader economic sanctions.
  15. Venezuela Sees More Bloodshed Amid Widely Condemned ElectionMillions boycotted the vote for who will draft a new constitution, which was seen as an attempt by President Nicolás Maduro to consolidate power.
  16. Venezuela’s Political Crisis Is Coming to a HeadSunday’s vote to elect a constituent assembly could further undermine the country’s democracy — or unleash large-scale political violence.
  17. What the Hell Is Happening in Venezuela?The socialist nation is in free fall. The Times’ Andes bureau chief clues us in on what’s going on and what might come next.
  18. 100 Years After the Bolshevik Revolution, Communism Hasn’t ChangedMarxists say they’ve learned their lesson and are ready for another chance.
  19. Goldman Sachs Accused of Giving ‘Lifeline’ to Venezuela’s Socialist DictatorAs Nicolás Maduro’s forces kill protesters and poor Venezuelans starve, the bank’s bond deal put $865 million into the ruling regime’s coffers.
  20. U.S. Hits Venezuela’s VP With Sanctions for Drug TraffickingTareck El Aissami has called the act a “vile aggression.”
  21. Fat-Shamed Miss Universe Was Once Accused of Participating in Murder PlotShe was never charged. “I’m not a saint girl,” she says now.
  22. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Already Having a Pretty Terrible New YearThere’s a new French fry shortage, and someone found at least one human tooth in their food.
  23. Edward Snowden Finally Has Some Asylum Offers [Updated]Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia have all reached out.
  24. Edward Snowden Lands in Moscow, Requests Asylum in Ecuador [Updated]He’s landed in Russia, apparently en route to Ecuador.
  25. The People of Venezuela Are in Dire Need of Toilet PaperOn the plus side, they have plenty of phone books.
  26. Hugo Chávez Will Be Buried After AllAs opposed to put on permanent display.
  27. Hugo Chávez Will Rest in PublicHis body will be put on permanent display.
  28. Hugo Chávez Died of a Heart AttackSecurity chief says he did not go peacefully.
  29. Hugo Chávez Is Dead and Fidel Castro Is AliveThe Venezuelan president has lost his long battle with cancer.
  30. Mitt Romney and Hugo Chávez Have Something in CommonThe 47 percent vs. the 45 percent.
  31. Hugo Chavez Says He Would Vote for President Obama If He CouldNot the most helpful endorsement. 
  32. Hugo Chávez Remark Sparks Foreign Policy Bickering Between Romney and ObamaRomney says Obama is insufficiently alarmed about the Venezuelan leader.
  33. Venezuelan Journalist Accuses Dan Rather of ‘Necrophiliac Storytelling’Rather is just another journalist with a “morbid wet dream.”
  34. Venezuelan Crossword: Puzzle or Veiled Anti–Hugo Chávez Plot?It included Chavez’s brother’s name and “to kill.”
  35. How Will Hugo Chávez Transport 211 Tons of Gold?Not easily or cheaply!
  36. Hugo Chávez Wants to Remain President of Venezuela for ‘Reasons of Love’He’s seeking a third, apparently amorous term.
  37. Hugo Chavez Has Returned to VenezuelaHere I am, back home and very happy.”
  38. From Cuba, Hugo Chavez Announces He’s Being Treated for CancerHe did not say when he plans to return to Venezuela.
  39. The Pus in Hugo Chavez’s Pelvis Isn’t Stopping Him From TweetingBut it is stopping him from going home to Venezuela.
  40. Mediavore
    E. Coli Outbreak Kills Fourteen in Europe; Food Prices Trouble VenezuelaPoor citizens of the South American nation are spending half of their salaries on food.
  41. Mediavore
    Violence Outside a Feltonville Club Leaves One Man in Critical Condition; E.Plus: Chinese argue whether dogs are better as pets or food; and Venezuelans spend nearly half their incomes on food; all in our morning news roundup.
  42. Hugo Chávez Declares War on Breast ImplantsClearly he’s been watching some viral videos.
  43. Admittedly, Hugo Chavez Admires Hillary Clinton’s ‘Spontaneous Smile’Awww, who doesn’t?
  44. Mediavore
    Jamie Oliver Hangs Out at Homeboy Industries; What to Eat on The InternationalThe Naked Chef finds inspiration in East L.A., while food is split among U.S. and Russian lines in space.
  45. Mediavore
    Hugo Chavez Seizing U.S. Bottle Maker; Irwindale Officials Stand Trial ForThe Venezuelan president charges a US. company with worker exploitation and environmental damage, while four city officials are accused of overdoing it at Peter Luger.
  46. Hugo Chavez Expresses His Feelings for Hillary Clinton in SongAnd it was glorious.
  47. Mediavore
    Guns Exchanged for Groceries; Justice Sought for Zubumba OwnerFamily is upset that Monica Beresford-Redmen’s killer has not been found, while over $200,000 in grocery credit is traded for old guns.
  48. Mediavore
    Savory Pies Gain Following; Shop Healthy at BodegasPlus: Coke’s colossal new soda fountain and where we took Mom to eat yesterday, all in our morning news roundup.
  49. Mediavore
    City Cracks Down on Patios; New Coke Machines Allow Soda MixologyPlus: chain restaurants dominate Google, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Report: R. Allen Stanford Asked Representative Gregory Meeks to Get Help From ChavezThe alleged Ponzi-schemer asked the New York representative for help in punishing a whistle-blower.
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