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Something Old, Nothing New for Young Hairstylist

Hairstylist Susan Palchak-Essenpreis began to wear vintage clothing for a role in a high-school play and never stopped. “If I wear something new, I don’t feel like myself,” she tells the Video Look Book. Watch and see the Balenciaga bag Palchak-Essenpreis would risk her life for.

Dress Like an Art Collector

The Look Book cameras came upon Nicola Vassel recently and learned that she “collects clothes like people collect art.” Her outfit — splashed with color in anticipation of a museum visit — come from a variety of sources: Topshop, agnès b., and American Apparel, among others.

Designer Solomon Eversol: Champion of the Handlebar Mustache

In the latest installment of the Video Look Book, reporter Nicole Hunt catches up with Solomon Eversol, a designer who's discovered a whole society of people who have handlebar mustaches just like him! In addition to his natty facial hair, Solomon's sporting a cool makeshift ascot made from a seventies tie and a signet ring scored from eBay, and apparently there's a story behind that one. Best to let him explain — watch for more.

Coby Kennedy Just Doesn't Want to Look Like a Hipster

In the latest installment of the Video Look Book, our Nicole Hunt caught up with Coby Kennedy, a car designer with some intense hair that causes people to "bug out" a bit (he doesn't understand why, however — "it's just a haircut," he astutely notes).

In Williamsburg, You Can Wear What You Wore When You Were 10

Graphic designer Eric Parzynski is one of those lucky souls who generally works from home, and you know what that means: He's spending a lot of time in his skivvies, which he admits is "pretty rad." When our Nicole Hunt caught up with him, he was sporting a snug hockey-team jacket from when he was 10. "You live in Williamsburg, you might as well be able to wear everything," he explains. Watch the Video Look Book and check out his "sometimes I shower, sometimes I don't" style.

Fashion Week Exhausting Even to ‘Teen Vogue’ Editor

Toward the end of Fashion Week, Amy Larocca crossed paths with Mary Kate Steinmiller, an editor at Teen Vogue. A Fashion Week veteran, Steinmiller claims that “you don’t even realize you’re going from show to show because there’s so much adrenaline.” However, she did concede that wearing heels for days at a time was rough: “Tomorrow, it might be a flat day.” See whom Steinmiller spotted at Miss Sixty by watching the Video Look Book.

‘Times’ Fashion Editor Gets Off Herrera’s Blacklist

New York Times fashion editor Karla Martinez was looking forward to the Carolina Herrera show when Amy Larocca and our cameras saw her earlier this week. “We haven’t been invited for the two years that I’ve been [at the Times],” she said. “I think there were some bad reviews that had been written in the past.” Scandalous! Watch the Video Look Book for more hard truths about Fashion Week.

The Image Guru's Black Mood

Montgomery Frazier is an image guru, which he says means he’s a publicist, marketer, and stylist all in one. These days he’s working with Julie Brown (née Downtown) on a new TV show. So what does Frazier like at Fashion Week?

Mourning Fashion Week’s Classier Past

Savannah M. Clark is a former stylist and college professor who still comes to Fashion Week even though no one wears hats and gloves anymore. (Her hat, of course, is fantastic.) Clark considers herself “one of Carolina Herrera’s favorite customers.” Watch the Video Look Book to see what she buys.

A Smorgasboard of Video Look Books for Your Mid–Fashion Week Slump

Video Look Book
Normally on Wednesdays at Daily Intel, we treat you with a Video Look Book post in which we go on the street to videotape some of the fabulously dressed New Yorkers that surround us every day. It's an homage to Fashion Editor Amy Larocca's weekly "Look Book" in the print version of New York. But this week, we don't have one. That's because the Video Look Book has found a new home, on nymag.com's glamorous new fashion blog, The Cut. And it's been thriving there! Since Fashion Week started, the blog has hosted seven new Video Look Books. If you're missing your fix of people who dress (or think they dress) better than you do, click below to see the characters we've found this week. And while you're at it, poke around at The Cut and in all the rest of nymag.com's extensive online fashion coverage, including up-to-date slideshows and model and designer bios! •Chicago Shopgirl Flies In for Marc by Marc JacobsThe Trend Forecaster Sees Bright Colors in the FuturePlum Sykes Exposes Fashion Week’s Cold TruthRecent Fashion Grad Wants Wintour's HelpRugby Ralph Lauren Designer Beats on Her Miu Miu BagFreelance Stylist David C. Melton Will Give You VertigoCognac Wellerlane Loves Fur, Poodles, and Fake Eyelashes The Cut [NYM]

Plum Sykes Exposes Fashion Week’s Cold Truth

Fashion writer Plum Sykes changed her mind about what to wear to Fashion Week at the last minute, but that doesn't prevent her from rattling off designers’ names without pause. A veteran attendee, Sykes has come to terms with the event: “You never look pretty enough. That’s the con. The pro is you see all these amazing girls in these amazing outfits, and it's so inspiring.” Watch the Video Look Book for more words of wisdom. Vido Look Book: Plum Sykes [NYM Video]

Cognac Wellerlane Loves Fur, Poodles, and Fake Eyelashes

Fashion Week is as much about the characters outside the tents as the models and designers inside. On Friday, Amy Larocca found "TV personality" Cognac Wellerlane, who showed off her fur coat — "Real fur! I don't care" — and gave a quick tutorial in how to apply inch-long fake eyelashes.

Ann Le Paints, Shops on eBay

Ann Le
Like any good girl who has ever been shopping abroad, Ann Le doesn't like shopping in New York City. Her skirt was only five euros in Paris (okay, with the exchange rate that's still under $10!), and she made her own necklace. It's no wonder she's the best-dressed freelancer-painter-musician on the block. Video Look Book [NYM Video]