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Joy James Keeps It Simple in J. Mendel

The latest Video Look Book from the tents introduces us to Joy James, a businesswoman who loves original fashion because, as we know, it "tells a lot about you." So what can we tell about Joy from her J. Mendel frock and custom-made hat? Watch and see.

‘Vogue’ Accessories Editor Sylvana Soto-Ward Loves a Bit of Color

While New York style can be found on any corner, there's no safer bet for finding flashes of fashion genius than cruising Bryant Park during Fashion Week. Taking a time-out from the tents, Vogue accessories guru Sylvana Soto-Ward shows us precisely why Derek Lam and patent leather can do no wrong.

Sarah Carlson Doesn't Think Academics Have Much Style

NYU master's student Sarah Carlson just finished her thesis on "the generation of buzz toward art openings on the New York gallery scene." She's Scandinavian, and she thinks Scandinavians are fashionable, but she's "a bit schizophrenic" when it comes to style, she says. "Today I was going for a sort of perky look," she says, "so lots of colors." Where'd she get her colors? Find out in this week's Video Look Book. Sarah Carlson [Video Look Book]

Marty North Wears Shirts to Forget

Marty North is a potter, born and raised. He'll make you tile floors or kitchen sinks or anything you want. Most of his clothes seem coordinated around ex-boyfriends — the hat comes from one, the shirt is to make him forget another — and he never removes his necklaces, one of which bears a bell. Why the bell? You'll have to watch this week's Video Look Book to find out. Marty North [Video Look Book]

Jenna Davis Doesn't Like Her Feet

Fashion designer Jenna Davis doesn't really like black shoes — but she's wearing them. She likes to look polished but with something a little bit off — but today nothing's really off. What else does this fashionable mass of contradictions have to say for herself? Find out in this week's Video Look Book. Jenna Davis [Video Look Book]

What Kind of Man Wears Short Shorts?

Stylist Charles Manning has recently started wearing short shorts. "It's too hot to wear anything else," he explains to New York's Amy Larocca in this week's Video Look Book. As it turns out, the short shorts are getting a reaction: Old men tell him they're great; young men want to exchange high-fives. Maybe you'll like 'em, too. Charles Manning [Video Look Book]

She Does Her Little Turn on the Catwalk

Sahriya Baily
Amy Larocca met Akia and Sahriya Baily in Soho recently and discovered that pageant queen and makeup artist Akia is now entering her daughter Sahriya in the contests. Sahriya will get only some blush and bronzer. No teeth whiteners! Check out Sahirya's excellent walk by watching this week's Video Look Book. Akia and Sahriya Baily [Video Look Book]

Andre Harrell Takes Luxury Downtown

Andre Harrell
During a recent sunny walk downtown, we spotted Uptown Records founder and luxury-lifestyle consultant Andre Harrell. Money does not make luxury, he assured Amy Larocca. "Riding a bike in Nolita during the day is a luxurious feeling," he said. "Living below 14th — not even a luxury, just a must." Find out where Andre buys his shirts and what graffiti artist designed his sneakers on this week's Video Look Book. Andre Harrell [Video Look Book]

Taming the Leopard Print

Simone Lazer
Ambling through midtown, Amina Akhtar found this week's Video Look Book subject, Simone Lazer. Her hairstyle is three years old, but the color changes every few weeks. "You color-coordinate it depending on what you're wearing," she says. Her animal prints are practical, not wild: "Zebra and leopard pretty much go with everything." Simone Lazer [Video Look Book]

They Did Say ‘The Music Never Stopped’

Deana Bianco
Strolling through Union Square recently, Amy Larocca ran into writer and Dead Head Deana Bianco. In lieu of seeing her favorite band play, Bianco listens to them daily. "There's no more Dead shows, there's no more Phish shows, but it's all cool 'cause it's in the soul," she says. Sporting a vintage dress from the seventies, purple tights, and moccasins, Bianco retains her Colorado roots with the help of a tattoo. See what helps "keep the mountains" on her by watching this week's Video Look Book. Deana Bianco [Video Look Book]

It's Possible to Look Good Roller-Skating

Forget the seriously spandexed in Central Park. Rollerbladers Jerry Davila and Ruben Santana are reclaiming the streets for their sport. Though they dress a little like skateboarders (baggy jeans, layered shirts), they're trying to bring their scene to the forefront again. "Gotta bring it back to Rollerbladers, like it was back in '98," says Santana. For Davila, who just spent $325 on a pair of skates, "we just care about being extreme. As extreme as we can get." Video Look Book [NYM]

When Hairstyles Are a Joke

Aliisa Lahti
The Video Look Book went to Union Square this week and found AV librarian Aliisa Lahti sporting a brand-new T-shirt. Her haircut "kind of just happened," Lahti says, and then she started to grow the rat tail as a joke. "Lots of times people assume that I'm a lesbian or that I'm some crazy punk kid," she says. "Neither of those things are true." Aliisa Lahti [Video Look Book]

Sandy Krasnow's Beautiful Life

Sandy Krasnow
Artist Sandy Krasnow tells the Video Look Book that she has given up buying new clothes and now shops exclusively from her closet. "I have a beautiful collection of clothes," she says, showing off her "safe-keepers" vest made of fabrics collected from all over the world. When she's not shopping, Krasnow works hard at manipulating her own environment: "To me, there is no more beautiful work than creating a beautiful life for myself." Sandy Krasnow [Video Look Book]

How to Dress for Your Next Poetry Performance

Video Look Book
In this week's Video Look Book, performance poet Aja-Monet Bacquie likes to make sure she feels good in her own skin. In a long white dress, maroon high-tops, and a beaded necklace she bought in Chinatown, Bacquie leads a group of substance-abuse patients from Odyssey House in Union Square. "It's one venue at which somebody can articulate their emotions," she says, "or even how they feel the world has made them a beautiful person." Aja-Monet Bacquie [Video Look Book]

What to Pack for Your Spiritual Journey

Richard Bruke
Noho Star server and visual artist Richard Bruke just returned from a trip to Thailand, and that's where he got his shirt and his little bag. The trip was a "spiritual journey, hanging out with Buddhist monks and stuff," Bruke says, undertaken for "inspiration and to see a bunch of things." An upstate native whose sentences resolve up, Bruke works in watercolor and photography. Find out what the smell of flowers reminds him of by watching this week's Video Look Book. Richard Bruke [Video Look Book]

We See London, We See France

Keilana Decker
Keilana Decker is an actress with a hint of a Madonna-esque vocal affectation and a penchant for short skirts. But she's a "practical undergarments kind of girl," so when the wind blows, you'll see she's wearing spandex men's bicycle shorts and 50-cent motorcycle boots. She says she buys everything at the thrift store, but we forgot to ask if that includes the undergarments. Find out by watching Decker in the Video Look Book. Keilana Decker [VLB]