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The Internet Plans Your Super Bowl Party

If there’s one rule about Super Bowl dude food, it’s this: The guac is crucial. That’s why this week’s In Season offers a recipe from Cipriano Pita, the Puebla-born chef at Bar @ Etats-Unis. With an accompanying video, there’s no way you’ll botch it. As for the rest of your Super Bowl spread, UrbanDaddy has some haute delivery suggestions and news that Momofuku Ssäm’s venerable Bo Ssäm will be delivered for this special occasion. In Season: Guacamole [NYM] Super Bowl: Haute Delivery [UrbanDaddy]

Rachael Ray Feeds Sicko YouTube Fantasies

Yesterday, "Page Six" ran a blind item asking which “daytime gabber” snips at staffers for bringing her the coffee she endorses rather than Starbucks. Hmmm, wonder who that could be? Speaking of Rachael Ray, yesterday also saw the debut of two YouTube videos taking the stuffing out of the impish toque. One of them imagines Anthony Bourdain stealing her nose and serving it stuffed with foie gras. We’re not sure how that qualifies as a “mildly erotic parody,” as advertised, but we can tell you that the other video, “Rachel Ray Is a Sex Freak” [sic], is safe for work only if you have headphones, since it uses audio to imagine Ray teaching sex education to New England debutantes. Yucko! Anthony Bourdain Talks Rachael Ray’s Old News [YouTube] Rachel Ray is a Freak/Sex Goddess/Cooking Queen [YouTube] We hear… [NYP] Earlier: Rachael Ray Brushes Off Her Starbucks Scandal As “Ridiculous”

Designer's Journal: Chris Benz Prepares for Fashion Week

Chris Benz
We know what we go through getting ready for Fashion Week — the frantic calls, the faxes, the begging and pleading for access. If it’s this insane for us, what must the designers go through? So we asked up-and-comer Chris Benz to keep a pre—Fashion Week diary of the chaos, the caffeine runs, the status of the candy-colored raccoon collars, and more. Feel the pressure! (Plus: See where Chris Benz works! Watch a video tour of his studio on the eve of Fashion Week.) Monday, January 7 The office is abuzz: a flurry of fabric-cutting, color, buttons flying, and packages being compiled to be sent via intern to our garment-district factories. Almost all samples for the fall 2008 collection are now in the sewers’ hands. A few straggler Italian fabrications have yet to clear customs, so for those we sit with scissors spread. Number of completed samples in house: 42

Video: Studio Tour With Chris Benz

New York’s Amy Larocca recently visited with young (only 25!) designer Chris Benz in preparation for his upcoming show at Fashion Week. Citing inspirations from frumpy Parisian ladies to Mary-Kate Olsen and Margot Tenenbaum, Benz explained his design process and predilection for bold, colorful prints. Watch the video to get a peek at what Benz may bring to the tents. Video: Studio Tour with Chris Benz How does a designer prepare for Fashion Week? Read Chris Benz’s; journal. More Videos Studio Visit With Michael Kors Inside Derek Lam's Studio

Video: Studio Visit With Michael Kors

Michael Kors
Michael Kors doesn’t restrict his pithy comments to Project Runway — he had plenty to say when New York fashion director Harriet Mays Powell visited his studio with our cameras. “I was having a Virginia Slims moment for spring,” he said of one tennis dress. He was exuberant about a day-to-night, adjustable lizard bag and gave a colorful hint about his upcoming fall collection. Watch the video for more joie de Kors. Video: Studio Visit With Michael Kors More videos! Studio Tour With Chris Benz Inside Derek Lam's Studio

Video: Inside Derek Lam's Studio

Derek Lam
Derek Lam invited New York’s fashion director Harriet Mays Powell to his studio, and our cameras tagged along. Will Lam use lace for fall 2008? Or will he go with embroidery and pleating? It’s all out on his design table, but Lam wouldn’t get specific beyond admitting that purple and green are his favorite colors. But his fashion philosophy is worth remembering: “If a woman feels comfortable in her skin, then she’s the best-dressed one out there.” For more advice from Derek Lam, watch the video. Video: Inside Derek Lam's Studio More videos! Studio Tour With Chris Benz Studio Visit With Michael Kors

High-School Frosh Doesn't Dress the Part

Evan Gonzalez
High-school freshman and musician Evan Gonzalez doesn’t have a job, so he must wear within his means. “I like to work with pants a lot,” he muses. “Bleach on green jeans is always really cool, because it comes out yellow.” He is influenced by prog rock and metal, and his hair is a three-year-old project. Find out what Gonzalez plans next for his locks in this week’s Video Look Book. Video Look Book: Evan Gonzalez

Video: ‘Daily Show’ Audience, Writers Face Off

Daily Show
One week ago, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returned to production, without writers. Would the shows be any good? Would anyone watch? The reviews were mixed, as were the ratings. But what about the audience? Daily Show diehards, who have waited months for their free tickets, now receive unexpected lessons in labor relations. Plus, they have to face picketing writers while waiting outside the studio. Awkward! Late last week, we sent intrepid video correspondent Tim Murphy to try to broker peace. And while the strike continues, at least the audience doesn’t have to feel scabby about it. Video: Comedy on Strike Related: The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Displays His Strike Guilt, Unibrow Blogging the Colbert Report

By Jonah Green

Combustion Research Will Buy You a Fly Coat

Diem Nguyen
A recent trip to the East Village yielded the Video Look Book’s favorite occupation ever: combustion researcher! Say fuel spills in a subway tunnel. It’s Diem Nguyen’s job to find out how long before we’re all totally effed. When she’s not setting things on fire, Nguyen works with designers to create her own custom clothing. Arson might not pay, but combustion research apparently does. Watch the video for more career guidance. Video Look Book: Diem Nguyen