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The Top Five Runway Falls

The catwalk has become a spectator sport in recent years, as model after model takes a spill. Here's a face-plant highlight reel, with video and photos.

Elijah Wood Does the Puppet Master

For absolutely no good reason, except that someone sent it to us, and it's a beautiful August Wednesday afternoon so why not, we herewith present the "Dancey Dance" segment from last Monday's premiere of Nick Jr.'s new live-action music series, Yo Gabba Gabba!. In it, Elijah Wood teaches us all how to do his dancey-dance, called the puppet master. Yeah. We recommend you stick around till the end, when Elijah and friends "go crazy." It's, uh, adorable. Elijah Wood on Yo Gabba Gabba [YouTube via He Who Laughs]

‘Culinary Conductor’ and ‘Love Chef’ Woo Rocco Online

Rocco DiSpirito
You probably don’t care that Rocco DiSpirito will be hosting a cooking show on Bertolli’s website, but the people who are auditioning to be his co-host sure do! As you might guess, there are a few oddballs in the bunch: In one video, Jernard “The Love Chef” and Rocco’s self-described No. 1 fan promises to “spread love all over the kitchen,” only to bark out his cooking demo like a drill instructor. Then there’s Nicole Navarro, a retired Vegas showgirl “inspired by culinary” who, as if to make up for her use of “culinary” as a noun, ends her demo with a high leg kick.

Tay Zonday, Under the Covers

In less time than it used to take to download the Hampster Dance on a dial-up modem, Tay Zonday's musical epic "Chocolate Rain" has spawned thousands of cover versions, reimaginings, and recontextualizations.

CBGB Founder Hilly Kristal Dies at 75

His legendary venue helped launch the careers of punk luminaries like Ramones, Blondie, Television, and Talking Heads, though in later years it became just as famous for the unsanitary conditions of its bathrooms.

Sarah Carlson Doesn't Think Academics Have Much Style

NYU master's student Sarah Carlson just finished her thesis on "the generation of buzz toward art openings on the New York gallery scene." She's Scandinavian, and she thinks Scandinavians are fashionable, but she's "a bit schizophrenic" when it comes to style, she says. "Today I was going for a sort of perky look," she says, "so lots of colors." Where'd she get her colors? Find out in this week's Video Look Book. Sarah Carlson [Video Look Book]

Religious Zealots vs. Pop Culture

It's the end of August, and most of our pop stars are either on vacation, in prison, or planning their next DUIs — but for the zany Islamic fundamentalists trying to stamp out the influence of Western culture, it's just another day at the office!

Marty North Wears Shirts to Forget

Marty North is a potter, born and raised. He'll make you tile floors or kitchen sinks or anything you want. Most of his clothes seem coordinated around ex-boyfriends — the hat comes from one, the shirt is to make him forget another — and he never removes his necklaces, one of which bears a bell. Why the bell? You'll have to watch this week's Video Look Book to find out. Marty North [Video Look Book]

Game Over

Here, we reenter the beloved gorilla-baiting plumber’s life long after he’s rescued Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, Peach and Mario are living in a dump in Brooklyn, and Mario’s mushroom habit has become, well, a problem.

Max Roach Dies at 83

Bebop drummer and jazz legend Max Roach died today of unspecified causes at the age of 83.

Video: The Scene at Last Night's Madonnathon

Last night, in honor of Madge's 49th birthday, hundreds of her craziest fans converged on B.B. King Blues Club to enjoy semi-reverent live performances of her greatest hits by amateurs of various genders, both talented and non.

The Mayor, His Wife, His Press Secretary, and His ‘Very Good Friend’

We've been reading a lot about Rudy Giuliani lately. There was that Voice piece yesterday on why his kids are right to hate him. There's the New Yorker profile we finally got around to reading last night (and which seemed only to provide a Steinbergian New Yorker's View of Rudy to the rest of the country — was there anything in it, other than that his father, in addition to being a small-time gangster, was also a mean disciplinarian, that you didn't already know?). And there's the Harper's cover we've been looking at on our coffee table for a week or so now, though we can't quite bring ourselves to crack it.

Jenna Davis Doesn't Like Her Feet

Fashion designer Jenna Davis doesn't really like black shoes — but she's wearing them. She likes to look polished but with something a little bit off — but today nothing's really off. What else does this fashionable mass of contradictions have to say for herself? Find out in this week's Video Look Book. Jenna Davis [Video Look Book]

Guns N' Roses Handily Outdone by Guy on YouTube

In what is easily the second-most-impressive hand-related YouTube music video we've seen all summer a manualist plays "Sweet Child o' Mine" using only his palms and fingers.

Björk Makes the Case for Outsourcing

If you'd had told us that the best Björk video in years would be made by a nonprofessional filmmaker without any input from the increasingly obtuse Icelander herself, well, we'd definitely have believed you.