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Undercover Socialite: Fabiola Beracasa at the American Patrons of Tate Gala

Fabiola Beracasa
After her detailed correspondence from Fashion Week, socialite and CIRCA creative director Fabiola Beracasa picked up New York's mantle again and led us into the depths of last night's American Patrons of Tate gala. This rare video footage brings you inside a cocktail hour at a society fund-raiser. See Valentino Garavani squirm as he is forced to choose between the Tate and the MoMA! Find Jeff Koons's lost voice! Feel Chuck Close's excitement when he talks about London! Catch a kiss from Fab herself! Video: American Patrons of Tate Dinner [NYM] Fashion Video Archive [NYM]

Sandy Krasnow's Beautiful Life

Sandy Krasnow
Artist Sandy Krasnow tells the Video Look Book that she has given up buying new clothes and now shops exclusively from her closet. "I have a beautiful collection of clothes," she says, showing off her "safe-keepers" vest made of fabrics collected from all over the world. When she's not shopping, Krasnow works hard at manipulating her own environment: "To me, there is no more beautiful work than creating a beautiful life for myself." Sandy Krasnow [Video Look Book]

Video Report: Mingling With Celebs at the Costume Institute Red Carpet

Costume Institute Gala
If you didn't make it to the red carpet for last night's Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, boy, do we have some good news for you. New York's intrepid party reporter Jada Yuan was there, and we've got her on video admiring the outfits, chatting with celebs, and learning that Harry Connick Jr. knows little about fashion and Christina Ricci knows even less about her date. Watch Jada's report; it's almost like being there — but with no need to get dressed up. Video From the Costume Institute Gala [NYM]

What to Pack for Your Spiritual Journey

Richard Bruke
Noho Star server and visual artist Richard Bruke just returned from a trip to Thailand, and that's where he got his shirt and his little bag. The trip was a "spiritual journey, hanging out with Buddhist monks and stuff," Bruke says, undertaken for "inspiration and to see a bunch of things." An upstate native whose sentences resolve up, Bruke works in watercolor and photography. Find out what the smell of flowers reminds him of by watching this week's Video Look Book. Richard Bruke [Video Look Book]

Sing Along With Of Montreal

Of Montreal Karaoke
Actor and comedian Michael Showalter hosted the inaugural New York by New York event, Indie Rock Karaoke, Saturday night at Studio B. A sold-out crowd turned out to see Of Montreal, who played an original set before turning the mikes over to the amateurs. Surprise guests Paul Rudd and David Wain turned out a lively performance of Boston's "More Than a Feeling," and Showalter tried his hand at the brutally repetitive INXS hit "Need You Tonight." Selections from the crowd included Cheap Trick's "Surrender," the Guns N' Roses classic "Sweet Child O' Mine," and "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Between numbers, Showalter's Alan Shemper character emceed and told Soterios Johnson jokes. And everyone in attendance got a subscription to the magazine. More New York by New York events are coming. Until then, watch the video. Karaoke With Of Montreal [NYM] Events [New York by New York]

Kicking Cop, Caught on Video, Was Always Known to Play Rough

The city's Law Department yesterday agreed to pay $150,000 to an activist who was kneed in the head by a senior police officer, assistant chief Bruce Smolka, during an antiwar rally in 2003. One reason for the eager settlement appears to be the video of the beating, available on the IWitness site; the victim planned to introduce it as evidence. As it happens, Smolka was also the subject of a 2004 profile by New York's own Janelle Nanos, then an NYU j-school student.

RIP Rudy's Gun-Control Plan, 1980–2006

One of the unpleasant side effects of the Virginia Tech tragedy is that every presidential candidate is scrambling to reiterate his stance on gun control. In Rudy Giuliani's eyes, per the ex-mayor's campaign statement, the massacre "does not alter the Second Amendment." Funny thing, though: As the Politico's Jonathan Martin notes today, with a YouTube clip to back him up, Old Rudy used to argue for federal firearm regulation. Giuliani's big idea — one he's been pushing, in his own words, "since at least 1980" — is to treat gun licenses like driver's licenses: to institute a written test and a physical test (for marksmanship?) under a federal law, with state-specific tweaks here and there. Leave it to Rudy to sidle up to the my-cold-dead-hands base at the moment when even some gun-loving Virginians are doubting their beliefs in the wake of a senseless bloodbath. Oh, Rudy: They still won't like you, and now you'll hate yourself too. Rudy No Longer Interested in Federal Mandate on Handguns [Politico]

We See London, We See France

Keilana Decker
Keilana Decker is an actress with a hint of a Madonna-esque vocal affectation and a penchant for short skirts. But she's a "practical undergarments kind of girl," so when the wind blows, you'll see she's wearing spandex men's bicycle shorts and 50-cent motorcycle boots. She says she buys everything at the thrift store, but we forgot to ask if that includes the undergarments. Find out by watching Decker in the Video Look Book. Keilana Decker [VLB]

Will Ferrell Outed as Grup

Courtesy of FunnyOrDie.com

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's new user-supplied video site, FunnyOrDie.com, made a splashy debut this week with a feature in the Hollywood Reporter and a reported 2 million streams for the site's showcase video, "The Landlord." The short consists mostly of Ferrell's sad-sack character facing off against his angry landlord. The gimmick is that the landlord is played by McKay's toddler daughter, Pearl. How funny you find it will depend on how funny you find a 3-year-old screaming, "Give me my money, bitch!"

Happy Tax Day

So it's finally tax day.* To mark the occasion, we herewith present a YouTube video of Steven Zelin, who calls himself the Singing CPA. The 31-year-old Brooklyn native is for the third consecutive year performing his accountant-themed compositions (including "Dear I.R.S." and "Stealing From the Company") to last-minute filers at the James A. Farley Post Office at Eighth Avenue and West 33rd Street. He performed Sunday at noon, and he'll be there again at 10 p.m. tonight. If you want to see him, don't be late — you can't file for an extension. Ha! —Andrew Adam Newman * And why is today tax day? Well, April 15 was a Sunday, and when that happens, the filing deadline gets pushed back to Monday, April 16. But, as it happens, April 16 is apparently Emancipation Day, which has recently become a legal holiday in the District of Columbia. Longstanding federal law says that D.C. holidays "have nationwide impact on tax issues," according to the IRS. Hence April 17. Tax Rap [YouTube]

What the Auteurs Are Wearing These Days

Video Look Book
Amy Larocca discovered NYU film student Hunter Shaw sitting on a stoop mulling over his latest screenplay. Though he couldn't seem to make the script work, he was pleased to share his fashion muse — Frank Booth from Blue Velvet — and his favorite store with us: "Trash & Vaudeville — that's where I buy all my pants." Will Shaw find creative relief from a neighbor in pink bottoms? Find out in this week's Video Look Book. Hunter Shaw [Video Look Book]

Inside a West Village Townhouse

727 Washington St.
The West Village townhouse at 727 Washington Street features three bedrooms, a gallery, and its own reflecting pool. Join New York's S. Jhoanna Robledo on a video tour of this $15.9 million home, owned by fashion designer Richard Tyler and his wife, Lisa Trafficante. The couple likes to switch locations every five years, but why abandon a retractable glass roof that almost lets the garden into the house? It's worth sticking around, even when people wander in off the street for a closer look. Watch the video. [NYM]

We Remain in Awe of John F. Burns

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Our favorite thing about swashbuckling Times foreign correspondent John F. Burns is neither his countless tours in Baghdad for the Times nor the difficult and exemplary work he's done elsewhere around the world through three decades at the paper. No, our favorite thing about John F. Burns, as we were freshly reminded by the video offered throughout the weekend on the Times homepage, is his hair. His awesome, awesome hair. Behold. The Battle for Baghdad [NYT]