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  1. Ousted Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Gets $6.7 Million In ‘Sorry About That’ MoneyDecent going-away present, I guess.
  2. The Tuesday Massacre and Vikram Pandit’s OusterA long-running conflict with the board forced Pandit out.
  3. Cheer Up, Wall Street! A Self-Esteem Intervention for Victimized BankersWhy so gloomy, Mr. Moneybags?
  4. Will Citigroup Be the Next Libor Casualty?The bank seems to have misbehaved even more than Barclays. 
  5. Want to Buy Vikram Pandit’s Greenwich Home?It’s on the market.
  6. Vikram Pandit Gets Paid Too Much, Say Citigroup ShareholdersThey voted against an executive-compensation proposal.
  7. How Vikram Pandit Got His Groove BackHint: $$$.
  8. Citigroup to Cut 4,500 JobsThe year’s finance total: 200,000 and rising.
  9. Judge Smacks Down Citigroup–SEC SettlementA $285 million settlement is “neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate, nor in the public interest.”
  10. Citigroup Earnings Up 74 PercentNot bad.
  11. SEC Probes Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS for Manipulating Banking RatesThe SEC is very probe-happy these days, no?
  12. Citigroup Received More Bailout Money Than Any Other Bank $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees.
  13. It’s Business As Usual at This Year’s World Economic ForumDrinking openly is back at Davos.
  14. Citigroup CEO Would Rather Not Know What Failure of His Bank Would Look LikeWhy dwell on the negative?
  15. Citigroup Earnings Beat Expectations!Of course, expectations weren’t very high to begin with.
  16. Mike Mayo Knows Exactly What He’s Wearing to Meet Vikram PanditJust because he hates Citigroup doesn’t mean he won’t show it respect.
  17. Still No Raise for Vikram PanditSad trombone sound for Citigroup CEO.
  18. Vikram Pandit Has Been Watching Too Much Citizen KaneCitibank’s CEO feels “uncomfortable” at the top.
  19. Citigroup Is Just Going to Go Ahead and Proceed Like Financial Reform Isn’t HappeningVolcker Rule? What Volcker Rule?
  20. Citigroup Still Can’t Afford DoughnutsThis worries us.
  21. photo op
    Here Is a Photo of Vikram Pandit Holding a FalconFun!
  22. Citigroup Thanks America Effusively for Allowing It to Make $4.4 BillionVikram Pandit likes you, he really likes you!
  23. Vikram Pandit, Wine WasterThe Citigroup CEO orders a $350 bottle of wine and doesn’t finish it.
  24. fat cats
    Vikram Pandit Has a Smile on His Face and a Glimmer in His EyeA glimmer of money.
  25. Taxpayers Making Out Like Pandits on Citi BailoutThe government is set to make an $8 billion profit on its sale of Citi stocks.
  26. Vikram Pandit Is Doing Krishna’s WorkThe Citigroup CEO says his “Eastern upbringing” is helping him lead the bank.
  27. Vikram Pandit to Thank the GovernmentYou read that right. This man has no pride.
  28. Citigroup Brags About Awesome Pay PackagesIn contrast to its competitors, the “financial supermarket” is proud of the deals it can offer employees.
  29. Citi Community Is Already Responding to Vikram Pandit’s BlogHe has commenters!
  30. Now Delivering
    Sylvia’s DeliversVikram Pandit has already ordered biscuits.
  31. Vikram Pandit Is Eating His Feelings AgainThe Citigroup CEO has become a Sylvia’s regular.
  32. problem children
    Citigroup Spokesman Doesn’t Know Anything About a Multi-Million-Dollar Theft at His CompanyWhereabouts of arses and elbows also in dispute.
  33. tarp babies
    IRS Helps Citigroup with Massive Tax BreakTime to rage, populists.
  34. tarp babies
    Citigroup Touts Strength As It Prepares to Pay Back TARP“Citi is among the strongest banks in the industry,” CEO Vikram Pandit says, as the bank prepares to pay back $45 billion in TARP money.
  35. Citigroup Is Dying to Pay Back Its TARP FundsIn which Daily Intel and the banking behemoth find themselves curiously in the same boat.
  36. Vikram Pandit Will Continue to Make $1 Per YearThe Citigroup CEO continues his reign of austerity.
  37. Citigroup Wants to Relaunch Hedge Fund Unit But Can’t Think of a Good NameWhat if we called it something like Awesome Citi Hedge Fund Group?
  38. Citigroup Posts Loss, Tries to Make It Sound Like ProfitNo one was really fooled.
  39. Sheila Bair Rains on Vikram Pandit’s ParadeThe FDIC chairwoman thinks the A+ grade the Citigroup CEO got for his performance sounds a little too good to be true.
  40. idiot savants
    Is Vikram Pandit an Idiot? Or Just Kind of a Dork?A new report and book present conflicting views of the Citigroup CEO.
  41. Citi May Part Ways With Castle-Owning TraderThe specter of public furor over Andrew Hall’s bonus may cause the bank to let go of one of its star traders. But at what price?
  42. Which Wall Street Bigwigs Have ‘Social Issues’ With One Another?Wall Street’s top guys are basically a bunch of mean girls.
  43. Citigroup Turns to ScienceThe bank has put a physicist in charge of strategy.
  44. Please Adopt Citigroup’s Toxic Assets!They’re just like adorable, cuddly puppies, according to CEO Pandit.
  45. The Pandit-Blankfein Dialogues: Wait, Did I Call You or Did You Call Me?A financial-crisis comedy of errors.
  46. TARP-Supported Companies Outline Conditions Under Which They Can Still Use Private Jets1. It’s for business. 2. They’re afraid of swine flu.
  47. Neurotic Citigroup’s Weekend Phone Call to TreasuryAs usual, Daily Intel has obtained the transcript.
  48. Where Citigroup’s Going, They Don’t Need RoadsCiti is becoming a “bank of the future” by catering to folks just like us.
  49. Post ‘Rising Star’ Is Actually FallingThe tabloid accidentally celebrates a Citigroup executive’s demotion.
  50. Vikram Pandit: Rearranging Executives in Order to Hide Behind Them?Are the management changes at Citi about “positioning the company for the future,” or saving Vikram Pandit’s job?
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