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So How Is the New Vince Lombardi Play?

"The play belongs on a pageant wagon parked outside Lambeau Field; its presence on Broadway is, to adopt the parlance, a real ball-scratcher."

By Joe DeLessio

Still Barkin Up Ron's Tree

Ellen Barkin claims that Ron Perelman owes her another $3.4 million because he promised to fund a production company for her and her brother. (She already got $40 million in the divorce.) Lindsay Lohan was dropped as the potential face of Louis Vuitton after stealing a lot of clothing during an Elle photo shoot. Sagg Pond in the Hamptons was jokingly renamed On Goldman Pond after Lloyd Blackfein and other GS employees bought houses on it. Some staffers at the Russian Tea Room claim the restaurant is haunted. Sumner Redstone may sell Paramount to settle family squabbling. Keith Richards did snort his dad's ashes — just not with cocaine.