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    Take a Look at Very Funny Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand’s Meme ShirtThe New York senator and 2020 presidential candidate is back in Iowa and paying tribute to “Ranch Girl.”
  2. fix the subway
    A Foolproof Guide to Making Your Subway Misfortunes Go ViralRats. Sweat. Waterfalls. Just throwing out some ideas, here.
  3. not a gouda idea
    Ranked: Best Cheeses to Throw at Your BabyA guide to this week’s viral challenge.
  4. ranch resistance
    Kirsten Gillibrand Couldn’t Keep This College Student From Her Ranch DressingTalking with Twitter’s mystery ranch woman.
  5. viral video
    Kirsten Gillibrand Couldn’t Keep This College Student From Her Ranch DressingTalking with Twitter’s mystery ranch woman.
  6. god save the teen
    The Lizard From That Twitter Video Is Fine, by the WayIggy the Iguana will live to eat another salad.
  7. Lawyer Famous for Racism Says Racism Not the ‘Real Me’It’s clearly just a matter of mistaken identity.
  8. Band Pranks Conductor With Excellent Wii Theme Song CoverGod bless band geeks.
  9. Give This Kid an Olympic Medal for Licking NBC’s Camera on-AirThe Games have officially begun.
  10. People Love This Shower Rat, Even If It’s Not RealAnother day, another bogus viral rat.
  11. Please Watch This Eagles Fan Run Into a Wall While Chasing a TrainA video truly worth watching with your sound on.
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    Cockatiel Sings iPhone Ringtone to Get Owner’s AttentionBoth sad and impressive.
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    Chinese ‘Rooftopper’ Plunges 62 Stories to Death During Stunt Gone WrongWu Yongning was reportedly attempting the stunt to win $15,000.
  14. This Perfect Lip-Sync Makes David Archuleta More Relevant Than He’s Ever BeenIrny Irdina’s cover of David Archuleta’s “Crush” deserves several awards.
  15. This Is the Best Way to Bail on a Political Conversation You Don’t Want to HaveBob Katter has more important things than same-sex marriage to worry about … like crocodiles killing people every three months.
  16. Rogue City Bus Blocks Georgia Dome Demolition Livestream“Jesus, get out of the way, bus!”
  17. Meme-Famous Crying Kid Gets Another Visit From the Reporter Who Made Him CryTwo years ago, Andrew Macias became a meme after a reporter asked if he’d miss his mom while he was at school and he started to cry.
  18. Musical Genius Sings ‘Beauty School Dropout’ Parody About ‘Tiki Torch Nazis’The Grease classic reimagined for the resistance.
  19. How Does This Guy Make Ice With His Mouth?Explaining the science behind a baffling Twitter video.
  20. Gee, Anthony Scaramucci’s Hand Gestures Sure Look a Lot Like Trump’sA good spot by The Daily Show.
  21. This Old Guy Snoring Is the Only Good ‘Despacito’ CoverMore like Despa-zzzzz-to.
  22. This Infant Is Very Unimpressed by Your Virtual Roller CoasterThe thrill of a lifetime.
  23. Watermelon Bae Is This Summer’s Viral Chopping HeroNobody should be able to work a knife that fast.
  24. Reporter Savagely Burned by Son on AirTed Pretty was reporting on fireworks purchases in advance of the Fourth of July.
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    This Perfect Video of a Man Hugging a Dog on a Boat Will Cure What Ails YouJackson is a very good dog.
  26. Everything in the World Is Bad, Except This Dancing Gorilla Who Is So, So GoodZola the gorilla is the best thing on the internet today.
  27. Watch Trump Push a NATO Prime Minister Out of His Way So He Can Be In FrontThat’s, um, some kind of power move.
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    This Teenager Made a Professional-Quality Music Video on His PhoneThe transitions are flawless.
  29. Debunked: This Girl Didn’t Call Trump a ‘Disgrace’ to His Face“You’re a disgrace to the world.”
  30. Old Couple Tries (and Fails) to Walk Down an Up EscalatorJust when you think they’re going to escape, the stairs keep right on coming.
  31. No, I Would Not Let This Robot Stab Around My Hand With a KnifeTechnology has gone too far.
  32. Security Footage Proves That This Guy Got Absolutely Wrecked by a DeerWhen you get completely wiped out by a deer on April Fools’ Day, sometimes you need receipts.
  33. News Anchor Temporarily Forgets She’s On AirHer reaction when she realizes the show is live is priceless.
  34. Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked Flight After Refusing to Give Up SeatAnother passenger on the United flight filmed the incident.
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    Find Someone Who Looks at You Like This Little Girl Looks at This ‘Robot’“I wuv you, wobot.”
  36. Today’s Viral Llama Video Stars One Hilariously Terrified KidThe llama pops its head into the family car, and little Trey is not having it.
  37. This Unsatisfying Video Is 5 Minutes and 50 Seconds of Perfect TortureImagine one of those annoyingly flawless cooking videos gone ever-so-slightly wrong. Now, imagine that over and over till you scream.
  38. BBC-Interview-Crashing Kids Steal the Show at Yet Another InterviewJust look at her withering stare and trench coat.
  39. Avalanche Rescue Pup Performs a Literal Interpretation of Sled DogsTruckee decided he didn’t need a sled to go sledding.
  40. This Terrier Isn’t Great at the Obstacle Course, But He’s Having Lots of FunA dog named Olly gave an adorably bad performance at the Crufts dog show.
  41. This ‘Uptown Funk’ Takes ‘Stop, Wait a Minute’ Very LiterallyYou might have thought you were done with “Uptown Funk” video edits this side of 2014. You thought wrong.
  42. What It’s Like Working at Hot Topic (It Involves Dragons)“You must give your soul to me … I am going to become what my father was before my birth: the Eternal Dragon Guardian of Time.”
  43. He’s Fine, So It’s Okay to Laugh at This Runner Getting Pummeled by a DeerThe most entertaining cross-country race I have ever seen.
  44. Please Stop Dressing Up As Your Pet’s Favorite ToyOnce was enough.
  45. Watch This Fishing Video and Ride a Roller Coaster of EmotionsWait for it …
  46. We Absolutely Guarantee This Video Will Improve Your MoodWatch as a very good dog meets a life-size version of his favorite toy.
  47. These Tiny Raccoon Hands Are Going to Haunt My NightmaresTruly terrifying.
  48. Mannequin Dancing Is the Only Viral Content That Matters Right NowCan’t. Stop. Watching.
  49. Man Brandishes Live Raccoon in Most Canadian Fistfight EverThe scene took place at a McDonald’s in Ottawa.
  50. Is It Too Late to Declare This Rubber Chicken EDM Track the Song of Summer?Just wait till the beat drops.
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