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  1. Putin Scores 5 Goals in Exhibition Hockey Game With Former ProsThat’s down from his seven last year and eight in 2015.
  2. Trump Official: Haley at Fault for Announcing Wrong Russian PolicyIt’s tough when your boss isn’t on the same page as everyone else.
  3. Russia to Trump: ‘We Don’t Do Twitter Diplomacy’The Kremlin shot back at Trump after he tweeted about bombing Syria.
  4. The Moral High Ground on Syria Is EmptyEvery power that could help stop the killing has decided that their own interests outweigh dead innocents.
  5. Trump Attacks Putin by Name for First TimeAll it took was a horrifying chemical weapon attack.
  6. U.S. Slaps Putin’s Oligarch Allies With New SanctionsSeven oligarchs and 17 Russian government officials are targeted by the sanctions.
  7. Trump Floats Putin White House InvitationThis would be a spectacle.
  8. Russia Expels U.S. Diplomats, Asks to See Poisoned Spy’s DaughterPutin is outraged that anyone would accuse Russia, of all countries, of attacking an ex-Russian spy with a nerve agent that is made only in Russia.
  9. Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats Over Nerve-Gas AttackIn response to Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, Trump has shuttered Moscow’s consulate in Seattle.
  10. the national interest
    Republicans Don’t Care About Russia Scandal, Just Want Trump to Lie Better“Trump constantly does things to make himself appear guilty.” Paging William of Occam.
  11. Trump Told Putin He’d Meet With Him Soon, Forgot to Inform White HouseAs with the Kim Jong-un summit, Trump reportedly set up a meeting without consulting with his advisers.
  12. Trump: Putin Can Help Solve America’s Problem With ‘Ukraine’Trump says he congratulated Putin for winning a sham election because Russia “can help solve problems” with “Ukraine” and “the coming Arms Race.”
  13. 8 Reasons Why Trump Ignored His Advisers’ ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ Putin NoteMaybe it was about some nefarious ties to Russia, or perhaps he just doesn’t like to read.
  14. Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Election in Stunning UpsetNobody saw this one coming.
  15. but why?
    This American Designer Is Selling a $594 Bedazzled Vladimir Putin T-ShirtHmmm, Heron Preston.
  16. Trump Admin Finally Sanctions Russia for Election MeddlingThe government also cited other Russian misdeeds, including an attempt to penetrate the U.S. energy grid.
  17. Putin Says Jews Might Be to Blame for 2016 Election HackingWhen in doubt, you gotta play the conspiracy-theory hits.
  18. Former Russian Spy Poisoned With Nerve Agent, British Police ConfirmNo one knows who did it, but everyone has a pretty good hunch who ordered it.
  19. U.K. Warns Russia As Ex-Spy Clings to LifeSergei Skripal’s exposure to an unknown substance fits a long pattern of Putin-approved malfeasance.
  20. Are Putin’s New Nukes a Real Threat?“Invincible” nuclear weapons sound scary, but don’t really change the balance of power.
  21. Putin Unveils ‘Invincible’ Nuke, Shows Animation Striking FloridaThat’s one way to get President Trump’s attention.
  22. Trump Gave Putin a Message to Pass Along to the PalestiniansPutin as middleman in the Middle East? What could go wrong?
  23. Russia Accuses the U.S. of ‘Direct Interference’ in Its Presidential ElectionThe Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has a sense of humor.
  24. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Putin’s First Year in the White HouseHow successful has the Kremlin’s investment in shaping America’s governance been?
  25. foreign policy
    Putin Calls Trump to Thank CIA for Helping to Prevent Terrorist AttackAnd the two leaders clearly want the whole world to know how well they get along.
  26. Why Roy Moore Considers America ‘the Focus of Evil in the Modern World’And admits “maybe Putin is right.”
  27. Russia Banned From 2018 Winter Olympics Over Doping ProgramPutin’s not gonna like this.
  28. explainers
    A Guide to the Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Star Who’s Probably Putin’s DaughterAnswers to your questions about Katerina Tikhonova, including: what the hell is acrobatic rock’n’roll?
  29. Putin Targets U.S. Media Outlets With ‘Foreign Agent’ LawIn retaliation for the U.S.’s designation of RT as a foreign agent.
  30. Why Does Trump Talk About Putin Like Putin’s His Boss?The dominance-obsessed president warns Americans not to make Putin angry.
  31. Former Intel Chiefs Think Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin, OthersJohn Brennan and James Clapper say Trump’s vulnerabilities could prove “perilous” for the U.S.
  32. Trump Still Has No Idea How to Admit Russia Meddled in ElectionAnd no, he shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt.
  33. Trump Stands With Putin Over Russia’s Election MeddlingThe president’s new remarks are almost indistinguishable from Russian propaganda.
  34. Formal Trump-Putin Meeting in Asia Not Happening After AllBut that doesn’t mean a friendly chat is off the table.
  35. Trump and Putin Will Meet Friday in Vietnam, Kremlin SaysAs Robert Mueller’s investigation heats up, the world leaders prepare to sit down.
  36. President Trump Says He’ll Meet With Putin During Asia TripOh, to be a fly on the wall.
  37. The Russian Hacking Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Donald TrumpThe template has been set for repeated interference in American elections.
  38. DHS: Hackers Attempted to Break Into the Election Systems of 21 Different StatesWhy did it take so long?
  39. what happened?
    Hillary Clinton Says Putin Manspread at Her“There’s an expression — we certainly know it in New York.”
  40. diplomacy
    Putin Says Trump Is Not His ‘Bride’And he is not Trump’s “groom.”
  41. first pets club
    Meet the World’s Most Powerful PetsFrom France’s new First Dog, Nemo, to Finland’s Lennu, who is “not fully media trained.”
  42. last night on late night
    Bill Maher Is the Latest Late-Night Host to Make a Bad Trump-Putin Gay JokeDid you hear the one about Trump and Putin being secret lovers?
  43. what now?
    Trump Thanks Putin for Expelling Diplomats From Russia“I want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down our payroll.”
  44. last night on late night
    Watch Randy Newman’s Bizarrely Entertaining Song About Putin on The Late ShowIt’s impossible to look away.
  45. Russia and China Clamp Down on VPN AccessIt’s getting harder to mask one’s online activity.
  46. How Will Trump Handle Putin’s Disappointment?Negotiating a delicate new phase in U.S.-Russian relations.
  47. Putin Orders U.S. to Cut Hundreds of Its Diplomatic StaffConfirming an earlier threat to retaliate against looming sanctions, Putin says that the U.S. Embassy must cut 755 personnel by September 1.
  48. Report: Trump Ends CIA Support for Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria“Putin won in Syria,” one anonymous official told the Washington Post.
  49. Trump-Russia Scandal Could Be Trouble for ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’Most GOP congressmen are keeping their distance from the Trump family’s Russia scandal. That’s not an option for California’s Dana Rohrabacher.
  50. russia
    Studios Reportedly Fear Russian Hack If They Put Vladimir Putin in Their Films“For a studio to release a movie about Putin that makes him look like a fool would be suicide.”
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