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Actor, SAG President, and ‘30 Rock’ Alum Ken Howard Dies at 71

One of 30 Rock's friendliest faces has passed away. Earlier today, it was confirmed that longtime actor and Screen Actors Guild president Ken Howard died today at the age of 71. In addition to serving as the head of SAG-AFTRA, Howard starred in [...]

By Megh Wright

Buzz Aldrin Loved Doing ‘30 Rock’

"My father, in 1925, 1926, in the Reserve of the Air Corps, worked as Aviation Fuel Manager for Standard Oil of New Jersey, that's where I lived at that time, and he would go into NYC and work at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So when I was asked to [...]

By Bradford Evans

How ‘Family Guy’ Gets the Comedic Cutaway So Wrong

By now, the cutaway has become a television comedy staple, allowing programs to reveal information, flashback, build on a joke, or direct-address the camera among other options. The cutaway, an abrupt break in continuity editing, (which as [...]

By Brad Becker Parton