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Can You Revise a Book to Make It More Woke?

When a YA novel was criticized for racism prior to publication, the author attempted something radical — she pushed its release date and rewrote it.

By Lila Shapiro

Talking ‘Dead People Suck’ with Laurie Kilmartin

When faced with the loss of her father, comedian Laurie Kilmartin was confronted with an additional challenge: how to make a topic as well-tread as death funny and original. “It's like trying to do a joke about airplane food.” She started with [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Andy Kaufman Gets Illustrated in ‘Is This Guy for Real?’

Around 2010, I worked at a coffee shop for a man who believed Andy Kaufman was still alive. It had been a generation since Kaufman’s apparent death, in 1984, from lung cancer. My old manager isn’t alone, either; Kaufman’s career onstage [...]

By Harry Waksberg