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Nussbaum on Boardwalk Empire

"Still, if 'Boardwalk' doesn’t have original ideas about the men who kill for money ... that’s very easy to ignore when you’re dizzy with the fun of it all."

By Willa Paskin

How Vince Neil Becomes Vince Neil

"When I'm not onstage, I'm usually just in shorts, and I like to hang out at the pool and do normal stuff."

By Lane Brown

Why the Hollywood Stock Exchange Failed

In this week's magazine, Mark Harris explains why Hollywood's fear of transparency led them to oppose the futures market that would've let you bet on box-office results:

By Lane Brown

Why We’ll Miss Law & Order

In this week's magazine, Emily Nussbaum remembers 'Law & Order,' recently canned by NBC after 456 episodes.

By Lane Brown