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FX Switches Up the Final Running Wilde Air Dates

A slight programming change: the final three unaired episodes of Running Wilde will now be running at 11pm on Friday, May 6th, Saturday, May 14th and Saturday, May 21st, all on FX.

By Adam Frucci

FX to Run the Last Four Unaired Episodes of Running Wilde

Fox never ended up running the last four episodes of Mitch Hurwitz's Running Wilde, including an episode that featured Jeffrey Tambor playing Will Arnett's father again. But FX is now set to air those last episodes on Thursday nights at 10pm [...]

By Adam Frucci

Peter Serafinowicz: Inside Running Wilde’s Too-Short Run

Peter Serafinowicz is not a household name here in the States, but he's been a major part of Britain's comedy scene for years. In addition to appearing in beloved shows such as Spaced, I'm Alan Partridge, Little Britain and The IT Crowd, he [...]

By Adam Frucci

Fox Pulled the Last New Episodes of Running Wilde

"The news is about to get worse for FOX's Running Wilde. In addition to last night's installment being dropped in favor of a repeat, FOX has also pulled upcoming originals on December 19, December 26 and December 28."

By Adam Frucci

Fox to Run Remainder of Running Wilde on Sundays

Fox hasn't "officially" cancelled Mitch Hurwitz's Running Wilde, but between shelving it for reruns of Raising Hope for a couple weeks and this new scheduling change, it's as done as a show can be. If you want to catch the rest of the 13 [...]

By Adam Frucci

Fox Is Just Screwing With Running Wilde At This Point

Things are not looking good for Running Wilde, which has yet to be cancelled but is going on another 2 week hiatus so Fox can show more reruns of Raising Hope. Why Fox is stringing them along when the writing is on the wall isn't clear.

By Adam Frucci

Jeffrey Tambor Is Playing Will Arnett’s Dad Again

Just like in Arrested Development, Jeffrey Tambor is going to be playing Will Arnett's dad in a Mitch Hurwitz sitcom. This time, however, it's in Running Wilde, according to a tweet by costar Peter Serafiniwicz. How many more episodes the show [...]

By Adam Frucci

Running Wilde Deathwatch Continues With Another Ratings Slip

Running Wilde's ratings slipped again last night, down to 3 million viewers. It's pretty much 100% done for, the only question is when Fox is going to pull the plug. Keep your heads held high, Hurwitz and company! You're great and people out [...]

By Adam Frucci