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‘Tell Me You Love Me’: Like Watching Paint Copulate

We here at TMYLM Recap Central acknowledge that many people find the Zenlike pace of this show, um, challenging. In fact, one popular online coinage from a TMYLM forum has now become a kind of unofficial motto: It's "like watching paint fuck."

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: We Sense a Pattern Here

A show in which all the doctors look like models and somehow — somehow — every patient's problem reflects the messy love life of the resident who treats him. How convenient!

‘The Office’: Too Much Monkey Business

Carell's not an inherently showy performer, but he's so skilled at bufoonery that the show can't help itself sometimes. But his antics last night sent a promising episode careening off the rails.

We React to Slate's ‘24’ Parody in Real Time

Slate magazine — a top source of witty satire for, well, no one, hopefully — debuted an animated parody of 24 today, inspired by recent remarks made by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.