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Zac Efron Is No Role Model!

The High School Musical franchise, people keep repeating, might be the most wholesome thing in all of media. But is it really?

‘The Closer’: We Will Not Be Sated by a Shower Scene

Note to The Closer’s writers: Just because you finally dropped the early-menopause bomb and delivered a super-gory episode last week doesn’t mean you should hand things over to the interns and go out for cocktails.

Is ‘Weeds’ High on Its Own Supply?

"Silas, where is the 'dry cleaning'? I need every last bag of clothing or my boss is going to kill me. Just shoot me dead. You got that? Dead."

A Bender for Your Next Bender

New Zealand inventor Simon Jansen is hard at work building a real-life, remote-controlled version of Futurama's alcoholic android Bender that will actually brew beer!

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: No Mercy

We’re fixated on Nigel’s teeth, Mary’s upper lip, and the crotch shots in the opening credits. Oh, wait. We’re supposed to be watching the dancers!