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Fred Armisen Has Mastered Every Accent in the World (Except One)

For the past few years, Fred Armisen has been on a mission to master every accent in the world. He can do every New York City accent, every Southern US accent, and as his appearance on last night's Conan proves, he's now a worldwide master [...]

By Megh Wright

Fred Armisen Shows Off His Southern Accents on ‘The Tonight Show’

Over the past few years, Fred Armisen has been working hard to master every accent in America -- from the accents of New York City to states like California, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas -- and during last night's Tonight Show, he [...]

By Megh Wright

Learn About New York City’s Many Accents with Fred Armisen

Accent master Fred Armisen performed at a charity benefit Wednesday night, and as part of his routine he devoted nearly five minutes to speaking in different NYC accents suggested by the audience. Covered in this clip alone is Washington [...]

By Megh Wright