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Bare Rug

This Art Candy is rated PG-13.

Midnight at the Oasis

In Oasis, the above ink and spray paint on Mylar drawing, Cnaani’s moldy and decrepit Middle East looks a little like Hollywood, complete with palm trees and a dapper rogue out front.

No Dancing

Though our buddy here looks like he’s rocking out Footloose style, artist Robert Longo actually captured these jilted, erratic poses by pelting his subjects with tennis balls.


The Whitney isn't the only place to catch Kara Walker this season.

Nope, This Is Not Pete Doherty

Something about this still from Karen Yasinsky’s animated short Jean & Juliette screams Pete Doherty (The hat? The pastiness? The ability to score with girls way out of his league?), but, alas, Yasinsky’s sources are slightly more dated.