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The Lost Roles of Gilda Radner

Lost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic performer or writer and dives deep into all of their movie and TV projects that came close to happening but didn’t for one reason or another. This week, we turn our attention to [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Lost Roles of Ricky Gervais

Whether you know Ricky Gervais best as a writer, an actor, or a brave, envelope-pushing purveyor of Kim Kardashian zingers, it's safe to say you’ve heard of the comedian who turned  the world on its head Sunday with a performance as Golden [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watching Arthur For the First Time

If it gives you any idea how inside-out my movie viewing track record was as a child, the only Dudley Moore movie I had ever seen until this week was 1988's Santa Claus: The Movie. You know, the one where candy canes make you fly for some [...]

By Alden Ford

Here’s the First Trailer For Russell Brand’s Arthur Remake

Here's the first trailer for impending SNL host Russell Brand's remake of the Dudley Moore classic Arthur. The most notable change from the original appears to be the gender-swapping of his valet into his nanny, played by Helen Mirren. It looks [...]

By Adam Frucci