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The Lost Roles of ‘Back to the Future’

One of the most popular movies ever made and one that seamlessly fused sci-fi and comedy, Back to the Future turned 25 just over two years ago. In honor of the film’s 27-year-and-3-month anniversary, we’re looking at some of the potential [...]

By Bradford Evans

Doc Brown Is Now a Pitchman for an Argentine Electronics Retailer

You might think that you saw the last of Doc Brown as he flew off in his time travelling locomotive with his new family at the end of Back to the Future Part III. Turns out that's not the case! Everyone's favorite lovable mad scientist [...]

By Adam Frucci

A Newly Unearthed Picture of Eric Stoltz as Bizzaro Marty McFly

As you are probably aware, Eric Stoltz was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future, only to be replaced by Michael J. Fox a couple of weeks into shoot. Some footage exists, and it is so weird! And now here's a new-to-us photo of [...]

By Adam Frucci

Huey Lewis on His New Soul Album and the Eternal Power of Love

"Steven Spielberg told us 'We've written this film, the character is Marty McFly, and his favorite band is Huey Lewis and the News. How about writing a song for the movie?' I was flattered but didn't much fancy writing a song called 'Back to the Future.'"

By Bryan Hood