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Will Ferrell Backs Out of ‘Reagan’ Movie After Complaints

Well, that was fast. Two days after Will Ferrell signed on to play President Ronald Reagan in a movie, Page Six reports that he's pulled out of the project after negative backlash. Not a whole lot is known about what tone the film would take [...]

By Megh Wright

Who Actually Watches and Hates ‘Girls’?

Remember back in the salad days of Girls thinkpieces, when all the talk about racism and nepotism and feminism was all speculation. People were applauding or condemning the show and its audience before anyone watched it. Well, as the show is [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ishmael Reed vs. Precious

"Among black men and women, there is widespread revulsion and anger" over the film, which "wasn't made for them."

By Lane Brown

The Bagger Bags Bale

David Carr's got a theory on why Christian Bale growled so much in 'The Dark Knight'.

By Mark Graham

Slumdog Filmmakers Strike Back

With ten Oscars on the line, Danny Boyle has released a statement rebutting charges of exploitation that appeared in Tuesday's 'Telegraph.'

By Lane Brown